Tips for Hiring a Content Writer for Your Attorney Website

As an attorney, you need to be consistently producing quality content for your website. For more trusted and proven lawyer marketing tips, visit us at

When you hire a content writer, or when you get somebody to write for your attorney website, don't go to a site like Hiring a freelance writer through is a suitable choice, but make sure the writer you hire lives here in the United States. Remember, your website content is the first impression potential clients have of your firm.

At Foster Web Marketing, we have over 40 people writing for us, and for a lot of you. We generate over a thousand pieces of content a month, and by the way, it's all produced in the good old USA. Our writers enjoy writing and making your attorney website interesting, helping turn your website traffic into clients. All educated in the US, a lot of them have law degrees, many have medical degrees, and some are retired but still take pleasure in writing. It's all right here.


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