The View From Seattle: Foster Web Marketing Succeeds Where So Many Other Companies Fail

Mischelle Davis of the Davis Law Group in Seattle, Washington, describes her quest to find a perfect partner for marketing her small law firm.

Her dilemma: she needed help from somewhere in the middle. "A lot of people out there are calling themselves SEO experts or web designers," she says, while noting that these independent agents don't have the tools, skills, or experience needed to deliver. On the other hand, the mammoth marketing companies lack patience and lack the ability to customize their approach to meet the needs of the smaller law firm.

Foster Web Marketing bridges that gap: it's large enough to have deep knowledge of the market, and small enough to be nimble. Mischelle says FWM is packed with "great people who understand search engine optimization and programming for the web, and they're building a tool just for that."

Chris and Mischelle Davis make an excellent team, and together with Foster Web Marketing, they are dominating the Internet, getting cases, and helping the good citizens of the Pacific Northwest. A helping hand from FWM has given them firm control over their law practice.

As you're falling asleep tonight, consider this: how much could your medical clinic, law firm, or other business benefit from competent, skilled marketing efforts by professionals who care just as much as you do about your success?

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