When & How To Sell Your Podiatry Practice

Knowing when it's time to sell your practice is something that should be on your mind from the day it began. There is no need to be concerned because, at Top Practices, we have a network of practitioner entrepreneurs who’ve done their part. Make this change and live the dream by doing the right things at the right time. The right time, and the right people, can help bring you to where you need to be, right when you’re ready. In this special episode of the World of Marketing, we have Rem Jackson, John Leardi, Tina Del Buono, Peter Wishnie, and our own surprise guest Jessica Taveras pitching in. 

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A bit about Top Practices and this event:“Since 2007, hundreds of podiatrists and their teams have joined the Top Practices Marketing Mastermind Group and transformed their practices into the profitable, efficient, and enjoyable practice they desire. Through effective marketing, these podiatry professionals have been able to fill their reception rooms with exactly the kinds of patients they want to see. More than that, they have reclaimed their nights and weekends. They no longer live like they work for their practice. Instead, their practice now works for them, allowing them to better serve their patients, lead their staff, and care for their families.”

If you have ever considered this possibility in your future, you need to check out this episode. Certainly having a deluxe, SEO-optimized, fully functional, wide-bandwidth syndicated website helps your cause, too. If you are not convinced yet, just review the successes we have seen from our partners that saw their opportunity and took it—not to mention game-changing support

Real people. Real care. Real results.  


0:00 Introduction

0:54 When & How To Sell Your Practice

2:16 Bonus Face To Face Session

4:25 What Is The Value of This Event?

6:05 Peter Wishnie On Why To Sell Your Practice

9:07 John Leardi on Preparing To Sell Your Practice

14:25 Event Overview

16:19 Diligence is Not For The Faint of Hear

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