Why Do I Get So Many Visitors and Not Many Contacts?

Trying to figure out why it seems like you have a lot of web traffic but you aren’t getting contacted? If so, watch this video as the experts at Foster Web Marketing share their thoughts about this issue.

If your attorney website is attracting a lot of visitors but it isn’t causing them to contact you, then you are probably focused too much on SEO and too little on providing quality content for your visitors. Visitors won’t stick around, especially if your content isn’t answering their questions or providing them with a compelling reason to call you. Maybe some of them are calling you based on the content they read on your website, but you do not have a trackable phone number. Or, maybe you need to start using the live chat function, which captures visitors’ contact information and stores it in DSS for you.

Make sure you have a trackable phone number, engage chat, have a call-to-action or compelling offer, like a free book, and that your website content is top notch. By doing these things, you should compel visitors to contact you. If you are still having trouble, call our SEO and website marketing experts at Foster Web Marketing today at 888-886-0939.


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