World of Marketing 87: How One Lawyer Automates His Whole Business

Hey folks! This is gonna be a GREAT one for those who want to know how to automate their business, so the traffic grows as well as the leads. 

My good buddy Steve Richardson is a solo attorney practicing in New Jersey, and he’s been a DSS Power User for 11 years now, so he’s here to share his tips and tricks on how to get the most out of DSS and your website. 

Finding new clients is a grind, but Steve has created a system to make that much easier.

Watch and listen to what he does!

Did you know DSS is integrated with a number of third-party applications that save you time and effort, all while creating a better user experience for your prospective clients? In today’s episode, learn how:

  • Steve uses DSS to generate content to attract his perfect client
  • DSS integrates with Ruby to create a better user experience when prospective clients call
  • DSS integrates with CLIO, so the client information flows right into his case management system and process
  • Steve has refined his process over the years to scale up

Find out what Steve does and how he does it on this great edition of World of Marketing.


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