Maximize Your Web Effectiveness With Google: Get to Know Your Web Audience

Market your business to the potential clients already searching for you

Each month, you spend a healthy sum on web advertising. You see a positive return on investment, so you continue to push your web presence. You may update your advertisements or improve your site from time to time, but these decisions are often in reaction to what Google’s Search Analytics report tells you regarding performance. What would happen, however, if you could proactively target your audience with the right material at the right time?

Google may already be one step ahead of you.

Audience-Based Search Marketing: Getting Your Message to the Right People at the Right Time

Word around the web water cooler is that Google is in the process of developing a service that allows web advertisers to better customize their ads to their individual audience, done by linking customer data with specific audience tags. These tags allow advertisers to take full advantage of search ads by targeting individuals with ads most likely to elicit a response.

Search advertising has moved web-based marketing forward light years ahead of where it started. Until now, however, advertisers have been limited in their targeting, only able to adapt and respond after an ad had been viewed. By following the lead of audience-based marketing pros like Facebook and Twitter, Google can now offer advertising clients the same level of proactive analytics for current and potential clients based on previous trends.

How Can I See If My Audience-Based Search Marketing Has Been Successful?

Not only does it sound as though Google is paving the way toward proactive audience targeting, but the web giant has improved one of the most popular features in Google Webmaster Tools, its Search Queries report.

Soon to be known as the Search Analytics Report, this new-and-improved tool provides users with more precise data, and promotes easier filtering of query information. This allows users to see which keywords and marketing efforts are performing better than others, allowing them to focus on what works and improve on underperforming keywords.

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