Law Office Call Tracking Benefits: Five Reasons to Track Phone Calls

Do I really need a call tracking system for my law office? This is often the question we get from attorneys when we ask them about their law firm’s phone number and call tracking system. The answer is that you don’t need any marketing tools, but they sure do help. How can call tracking help your law office?

Five Major Call Tracking Benefits:

  • Compare the success of your marketing campaigns. If you don’t know which of your marketing campaigns are working, you are flying blind. You are also probably missing out on great opportunities to cut advertising campaigns that don’t work and bolster marketing campaigns that are the most effective.
  • Collect information about your callers. Call tracking isn’t just about your marketing strategy—it can also provide you with vital information about the people who ultimately pick up the phone and call your number. With call tracking, you can find out which zip codes potential clients are calling from, how often they have called, and exactly when they call. This information can be used to contact these callers later or to focus your marketing on a specific geographic area.
  • Better understand potential clients. Using the information mentioned above, you can start to understand who reads your ads and what makes them call. Where do they live? What ads affect them the most? What time of the day or week do they decide to call? What makes callers different from people who contact you electronically through your website?
  • Improve your marketing strategy. Now that you know which campaigns work best and what kind of people call your number, you are ready to analyze that information and make improvements to your marketing strategies. Kill ineffective advertising campaigns, put more energy into those that are working, and even consider experimenting with a bold new campaign to see what the results are.
  • Save marketing dollars. When you can effectively analyze your incoming calls, you can put your advertising money in the right place. There is no more guesswork—only results. Advertising campaigns that don’t bring in enough calls can be eliminated or changed, while the ones that work can be given more of the budget.

So does your law office really need call tracking? That’s ultimately up to you. If you want to learn more, call our marketing team at 888.886.0939.

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