Get Your Phones Ready for the Holidays: Information to Share With Your Intake Call Center

The holiday season is upon us and in the chaos of it all, many law firms forget to update their phone support. As you create your holiday marketing 2016 Holiday Greetings in Multiple Languagesmaterials and make your office’s holiday schedule, take a moment to update your intake call center about your winter holiday plans.

Below are a few things you should update them about this season:

Your Greeting: If you want your holiday greeting updated, just let your call center know and they will get it done for you.

Office Schedule: If your office is closing for the holidays or is taking a holiday vacation, let the call center know as soon as possible. Their reps are scheduling consults according to your normal office hours unless otherwise told. You do not want them scheduling a client meeting when you are thawing out in sunny Florida!

Remember that if you are on vacation, Alert Communications is still answering your phones 24/7. They will handle any calls as directed and schedule appointments within your holiday hours, but first they need to know your schedule. As your "virtual receptionist" or "intake specialist," they will still take caller information, pass along messages, and schedule consultations for when you return from your holiday break.

Early Closings: Do not forget to update your call center team about any early closings as well. If you have a holiday party where everyone's out of the office by 3 p.m., make sure they know that so their operators do not have a client coming in for a consult at 4 p.m.

Local Weather: Alert Communications is located on the west coast in California, where winter storms are not a part of their normal holiday festivities. Therefore, their call centers may not know about severe weather that may impact their office's regular business operations.

If your office is snowed out and will not be open on a certain day, it is important that you let Alert Communications know immediately. They can alert any clients scheduled for consultations that day that they will have to reschedule for when the weather is clear. And, of course, they will not schedule any appointments that day.

Alert Communications Wants Everyone to Have a Happy and Productive Holiday!

Alert Communications answers your phones, even on holidays—so you can enjoy some time off without losing business. If you are not already an Alert Communications client, now is the time to get started so you are ready for the winter holiday rush. All you have to do is fill out a contact form or give them a call at 800-801-7628 to talk to one of their representatives.

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