When adding content to your attorney website, you should know that the first thing that will catch your reader’s eye is the image on the page—and the quality and relevance of that image could be the difference between a reader staying on the page or navigating back to the search engine. So how do you find the perfect image for your practice area content, article, or landing page? 

Tips For Chossing The Best Picture For Your Content

Make sure you have the right to use the image.

A huge mistake we see is attorneys taking images from other websites without permission. Not a good idea, especially for someone who is supposed to be familiar with the law. Be sure to buy your photos, have them taken, or take them yourself.

Pick an image that evokes feeling.

Your website visitors want to connect, want to feel less alone in their legal problems, and want to feel understood. If you’re a divorce lawyer, choosing an image of a parent holding a child is going to be much more effective than choosing an image of a gavel or courtroom.

Avoid the same pictures lawyers always take.

Remember how we just told you to use an image that evokes emotion? That means not using a picture that one hundred other lawyers in your area are using, such as a picture of an office, a picture of law books, or a boring logo. While it is fine to use a picture of your attorneys on your About Us page, try to stay away from most stale ideas.

Understand that relevance is key.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the photo is how relevant it is to the rest of the page. Your website visitor probably found the page by typing some keywords into a search engine. He may well leave the page if he sees a picture that doesn’t seem to match up with the information he is looking for.

Don’t pick a commonly used stock image.

If you buy your image from a stock image website, pay attention to how popular the picture is. You don’t want a picture that visitors may have seen on similar websites before. Besides, a popular image probably isn’t a terribly specific or relevant image.

Post a video!

Video can be even more powerful than a still image, and it gives the user a chance to learn more about your firm or a legal issue in a different way. Pick a strong still image from your video that will further encourage clicks.

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