What is Hire Me Legal?

Hire Me Legal is essentially an online directory service, but it's unlike any other. The idea behind was to create a marketplace where users can find qualified, experienced legal counsel without wasting time—either the attorney’s time or the prospective client’s time. There are tons of great ways Experienced Digital Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists Throughout The USA and Worldwide.HireMeLegal connects potential clients to attorneys, but what makes the service really unique is the ability for users to post case information and track their case status online.

Here’s How it Works:

Users can register for free and post their legal issue. Attorneys specializing in the right field and geo-location are notified, and have the opportunity to reach out and pitch themselves for the chance to take the case. The process is secure, and no personal details are displayed when a user posts a case; the user can feel comfortable providing the critical information, and that information lets you know if it’s the kind of case you’d like to handle. Of course, users can also search HireMeLegal’s directory of thousands of top tier attorneys and initiate contact themselves if they prefer.

HireMeLegal offers a legal “workroom,” where clients and attorneys can track the status of their case and securely upload and download documents. Not only does this let you keep your clients up-to-date on their case, but they can stay informed while you’re in court, or need to work without interruption.

How to Create Your Listing

  1. Visit www.HireMeLegal.com
  2. Click "Create Your Profile Now” *Foster Web Marketing clients have an existing profile and  should check their email for a invitation from HireMeLegal.com to claim their profiles.
  3. Provide ALL of the personal and contact information. You want to make it as easy as possible for users to find you and communicate with you.
  4. Provide work experience—and don't be afraid to brag a little! While people will ultimately work with people they like, it does not hurt to list your credentials, awards, and associations.
  5. Upload a professional and appropriate profile image. You should be facing the camera, wearing professional attire. A completed profile is ALWAYS more enticing to users, no matter the platform!

Because we have an exclusive partnership with Hire Me Legal, Foster Web Marketing clients have an existing profile created by the Hire Me Legal team. You are getting this service, as well as the upgraded Top Attorney status, for FREE! That means your profile will be at the top of the results page in your area and you’ll start your membership with a 5 star ranking. If you are not a Foster Web Marketing client and would like to know more, please contact Chad Foster at [email protected].

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