How to Create and Track a QR Code With

Foster Web Marketing Mobile WebsitesYou've likely seen QR codes like this in magazines, newspapers, postcards, and menus. Don't be intimidated by them. They are easy to use, completely free, and a great way to drive offline marketing to your website.

First, go to and shorten your link. To get the most out of any link, you'll need to give people a reason to go there, like a free book or report in exchange for some information from them. For example, we used this QR code to drive people to a page where they can register for a webinar and get a free book.

Once you have your shortened link, click "Info Page."

 Here you will be able to access your QR code. Every link you create with will have a QR code associated with it. Download your QR code and include it in your print marketing. You can then come back to track the results in to see if it was a success. In this case, 12 of the 502 clicks came from the QR code, which is about 2% of the total. Not an overwhelming number, but those are 12 people that might not have known about the webinar otherwise.

Foster Web Marketing Mobile Websites

There are a few other things to consider when using QR codes in your print marketing. The first is to make sure users know how to scan them. Provide them with the names of free mobile apps like QRreader and ScanLife. Your potential and current clients will enjoy the satisfaction of being a part of this cool new technology, and you can employ a free marketing tool. Also, be sure that the page you send them to is mobile-friendly.  Check the bounce rate of the page in Google Analytics to see how people are responding to your landing page.

You can get more information about mobile sites by clicking here or scanning this QR code!
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