Facebook and other social media platforms have become an excellent way of building long-term customer relationships, establishing your brand, and improving your web presence. However, more and more businesses are learning that Facebook can also be a valuable customer service tool.

Even just a few years ago, unhappy or confused customers and clients would write and mail a letter to companies - or call a phone number. In both instances, complaints and questions remained private. Today, people who use your products and services are more likely to post gripes and questions publically on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. While some businesses see negative wall posts as an alarming problem, others are embracing Facebook as a new opportunity to shine when it comes to customer service.

Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Respond to wall post complaints quickly and individually. Don't post a cut-and-pasted "sorry about your experience" message. Display genuine concern and get the problem solved.

  • Get a customer service Facebook application. Using your main wall for customer service has several downsides: wall posts quickly disappear below the fold and are not searchable - plus, they may put a negative spin on your main page. Build a customer service application or tab on your page that is dedicated to handling customer communication. There are also several apps already available, including GetSatisfaction, Aisstly, and Parature.

  • Solve problems directly, don't re-direct. To truly offer customer service on Facebook, don't simply re-direct users to your main webpage or ask them to write an email. Offer a solution without multiple steps.

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