Google has been telling us for some time that having an HTTPS website is becoming more and more crucial, and now the company is acting on that cautionary alert.

What’s the Story?

In January 2017 Google released Chrome version 56, which marked HTTP sites “not secure” if the site has credit card or password forms. With the release of version 62 this October, Chrome will also include the “not secure” warning if a website requests any personal information—like contact forms or website offers. Ultimately, Google plans to mark all HTTP sites “not secure.”

Since 60% of people are using Chrome as their browser, this is not an empty threat. The goal is not to hurt business owners, but to provide more security and privacy for users.

HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol that sends data between a browser and website. An HTTPS website ensures all communications between the browser and website are —you guessed it—secure.

How Will This Affect Your Business?

If your website is not secure, it could mean a loss of business. Since the January release of Chrome version 56, “there has been a 23% reduction in the fraction of navigations to HTTP pages with password or credit card forms on desktop” (Google Security Blog).

Obviously, security matters to your users. If you’re not sure if your website is secure, simply visit your site and take a look at the address bar. If your address starts with “https,” it is secure! If not, you’ll need to upgrade to HTTPS.

Time to Make the Switch to HTTPS

If you are a Foster Web Marketing client and you are ready to upgrade your site to HTTPS, contact our client support team to set it up.

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