Most of Your Mobile Visitors Are Ready to Take Action. Is Your Mobile Attorney Website Ready?

According to the most current research on the subject, mobile web users are usually ready for action—whether that means purchasing an item online or finally making that call to an attorney. It definitely makes sense if you think about it. As popular as mobile browsing is these days, especially with the advent of larger and more comfortable tablets, it’s still easier to do preliminary research from a desktop or laptop—and it’s especially easy to make the decision to call when you’re already browsing on a phone!

If the results you’re getting with your mobile attorney website seem a little mediocre, consider refocusing your mobile site with the idea in mind of a potential client who is on the brink of making the decision to call. Here are a few things you can do to get your mobile website ready for action:

  • Use calls to action in your mobile content. The simplest way to get people to call you is to provide a little encouragement. Don’t go overboard and start harassing your visitors to call, but do provide some gentle nudges throughout your mobile site. 
  • Make sure your contact information, directions to your office, a map, etc. are clearly visible. Many times, users search on their phones because they are ready to talk to someone. Visitors should never have to hunt for your contact information on your mobile site—the information should be front and center. 
  • Incorporate a click-to-call button and an easy contact form. The easier it is to reach you, the more likely it is that a potential client will reach out. A click-to-call button and a mobile-friendly contact form are simple conveniences, but it can make a big difference to your potential clients. 

Our friendly mobile marketing team would be happy to take a look at your current mobile attorney website and offer advice and help to hone it to perfection. Give us a call today at 1-888-886-0939, or get started by filling out the easy online contact form on this page to learn more.

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