Lawyer Websites Need to Have Calls to Action: Here are 4 Tips!

Every lawyer website needs a call to action, and most every lawyer website already has one. End of story? Not by a long shot. At Foster Web Marketing, we understand that just because your website has a call to action doesn’t mean that it’s working as well as it could. In fact, many attorneys underestimate the importance of the call to action – a feature that adds energy to your site, helps you track the success of your marketing, and assists visitors in finding the services they are looking for.

Here are four tips on perfecting the call to action on your attorney website:

  • Lay solid groundwork for your call to action. No one is going to call for a free consultation or download a legal guide if they haven’t been convinced that you are the right attorney to speak with. Be certain that the rest of your page is filled with great content and great design. Address the visitor’s problem, and offer a solution.

  • Provide more than one way to act. Not everyone likes using the phone, and not everyone wants to read a free guide. A younger person might prefer a live chat option, while a senior might want to stop by your office in person. Be sure that you offer a few different ways to act so that everyone finds a way to connect with you that is easy and comfortable for them.

  • Have a call to action on every page. Many of your visitors don’t enter your site through the homepage, but through practice area pages and article pages. Be sure that they have options to act no matter what page they are on.

  • Offer a unique product or service. Every lawyer on Earth offers their clients a free, no-obligation consultation. Get creative and think outside of the box. If you offer something to visitors that no one else in your area offers, then you will get more calls and contacts.

The main benefit of having a top-notch attorney website is getting great clients knocking at your door. Your call to action is the last step between you and new cases. At Foster Web Marketing, we specialize in websites for lawyers. If you need assistance with your calls to action, an attorney website revamp, or a whole new site, contact us today at 1.888.886.0939.

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