Would Someone Really Download a Mobile Application Offered by Your Law Firm?

Small business marketers, including attorneys, can learn a lot from big businesses. What’s one of the latest lessons that can be learned? The use of mobile applications to get more clients.

Just about every large retailer, bank and other consumer-oriented business has its own mobile application. If you don’t believe us, simply turn on QVC (yes, that channel is still around) and you will be informed of their app available for download.

You Can’t Ignore the Potential

The mobile market is growing by leaps and bounds. Currently, over one billion people access the Internet through their phones or tablets. The market is only expected to increase.

As we explained in the article, Every Attorney Should Have a Mobile Application - Here are 5 Reasons Why,  there are many advantages to creating a mobile application for your law firm. Not only are you able to build your brand, you are also able to stay “top of mind” with your past, present and future clients. How cool is that?

How to Find Success with Your Mobile Application

So, what should you include in your mobile application and how will you encourage your prospects to download it?
  • What your mobile application might look like: If you are a personal injury attorney, you might want to create an application that allows accident victims to store videos and pictures of the accident scene, as well as keep track of medical bills. You could include resources and tips for people who are injured. Your application would, of course, have all of your contact details, so your potential clients would know how to reach you.
  • How to encourage people to download your application: Would someone actually download your mobile application? It comes down to the features and benefits. Your application must have features that will be useful to your target market. If it does, and you advertise your mobile application appropriately, people will want to download it. Anytime someone contacts your law firm, send him or her a link to your mobile application. Your prospects will be impressed, to say the least! Also, don't forget about your current clients. You can offer your mobile application as a tool to help them with your case.
To find out what it takes to develop a mobile application for your law firm, contact us today at 888-886-0939. We can also help you create a mobile website for your practice.

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