The Good News About New Domain Extensions

Good and Bad About New Domain Extensions

Change is good. And, as attorney marketing specialists, we embrace change and work to ensure that you understand and take advantage of any changes that affect your law firm. The newest buzz in the SEO world is new domain extensions, or gTLD (Generic Top-Level Domains).

Domain extensions are the characters found after the "dot" in a web address. You're probably used to seeing the same domain extensions—.com, .net, .edu, .gov, etc.—but soon people won't be limited when choosing a domain extension. Within the year, you will be able to buy a gTLD that more perfectly suits your business. Want a .law, .atty, or .legal domain extension for your law firm? Chances are you will be able to do so for a nominal fee. This means you will have a truly unique domain name that can help you:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Control your domain name registry
  • Enhance your internet presence

The Bad News About New Domain Extensions

What could be bad about custom domain names? Well, there are several unknowns that are making people nervous:

  • Fraud. In the current system, devious individuals will buy up misspellings of their competition's web addresses. This takes traffic away from their competitors. With so many domain extensions, it's feared that it could cost concerned businesses large sums of money to buy up their domain name and similar domain names, as well.
  • Restrictions. Some worry that some types of businesses may be forced to use specific gTLDs. So, if you were a grocery store, you may be forced to use .grocery as your domain extension.
  • Confusion: Consumer confusion has also been discussed as a possible drawback to jumping on the gTLD bandwagon. Being used to seeing a .com attached to your firm, your audience may worry that they have the wrong site or that they reached a fraudulent site on accident.  

Until ICANN begins releasing new gTLDs, it's anyone's guess just how, when, and if the new domain extensions will affect web marketing.

The Uncertainty About New Domain Extensions

Honestly, most of the information out there about the new generation of domain names is uncertain. But there is something that is certain: new gTLDs will shake up the world of domain names. When the dust settles a little, we will be able to give you concrete advice on how to make the most of domain extension changes for your firm.

For now, it may be wise to consider buying a domain name with a new gTLD. Any domain name you pick will likely be sold for a few dollars, and having a distinctive, marketable new domain name at the ready could put you at an advantage over other attorneys in your market. 

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