Most podiatrists don’t market their podiatry practice correctly. Why? It is very simple. You didn’t go through medical school, your internship, and your residency to become a marketing professional. However, your practice as a podiatrist depends entirely on patients, and if patients can’t find you through the current ubiquitous method of using the internet, then your podiatry practice is going to suffer.

There are realities in internet marketing that have to be recognized and accepted in order for a podiatry practice to thrive. Here are a few of them:

You are not alone.  

Podiatry is a crowded medical field. You are certainly not the only podiatry practice in your area. Patients are not a given. They have to be earned. And the first step in earning them is letting them know where you are and what your specialty is.

You can’t use 20th Century marketing practices anymore. 

Having an ad in the Yellow Pages certainly couldn’t hurt, especially considering that ad rates are a lot cheaper than they used to be. But one of the reasons the ad rates are getting cheaper is because the effectiveness of the Yellow Pages has dropped dramatically. People now use the internet, which is easily available to them on their phones, which they carry around in their pockets. So if there is another podiatry practice that has more on the ball in terms of Internet presence, more patients will go to that practice.

You have to be clear about your specialty. 

Saying that you are a “podiatrist” is accurate, but utterly insufficient. It’s the equivalent of giving “Planet Earth” as your address. It’s technically correct, but it doesn’t tell people where you are. Are you an expert at torn ligaments? Surgeries? Setting fractures? Bunion surgeries? Sports injuries? Working with the elderly? Your marketing should emphasize and advertise what makes your practice unique.

Know your ideal patient. 

Do you want to work on athletes in their teens and twenties? Or wear and tear injuries that occur among people in their 30s and 40s? Do you want to help elderly patients? If you know exactly the sort of patient that you want, your marketing practice should be geared toward getting that type of patient to walk in your front door.

Know what worries potential patients, and give them information. 

Your field is crowded, and many potential patients have a wide range of choices. But as you have probably noticed throughout your years of practicing medicine, many patients have many of the same concerns, and therefore many of the same questions. Providing those answers on your website will draw web traffic, which will lead to consultations. You know the questions already, so why not have the answers readily available?

Here at Foster Web Marketing we have partnered with Rem Jackson of Top Practices to provide podiatrists with the ultimate marketing solution.

We marry together the powerful websites created by Foster Web Marketing and the comprehensive medical practice coaching methodology from top Practices to form a union that will help you fundamentally transform your practice. How do we do this?

Specific Demographic Marketing

We won’t do any work on your site until we figure out exactly who you want to walk through that door. As soon as we have worked together to figure out the perfect patient demographic and the sort of treatment you want to do, then we’ll put together winning content, graphics, and design.


Page views and web traffic are important, but that won’t mean much if potential patients aren’t becoming real patients. We use specific methodology that helps convince “browsers” to become “buyers.” We know what it takes to make it easy for patients to make that initial consultation.

Building your own referrals

Every patient that walks out the door can either return for more work, or refer friends or loved ones to your practice. We want your practice to be the practice when the subject of podiatry comes up. Our CRM marketing practices make this happen.

Do You Have What it Takes to Join Foster Web Marketing and Top Practices?

We have a ceiling on the number of podiatry clients we accept, which allows us to offer highly specialized and highly effective website development and individualized marketing strategies for your practice. We look for smart, determined podiatrists who are open to coaching and willing to contribute to the mastermind group for the betterment of all.

Those Pillars are Internet Marketing, Referral Marketing, Internal Marketing and External Marketing.

If this sounds like you, we can offer you the following:

  • Essential coaching and mentoring across the Four Pillars of Marketing to prepare you for success.
  • Access to a highly specialized team of Virtual Marketing Directors who can do everything for you so you can focus on your practice
  • Personalized, strategic advice from our SEO and marketing team
  • Customized and done for you Marketing tools such as books and marketing campaigns written by our marketing copywriters
  • Dynamic website designs to attract the right patients to your practice and keep them interested
  • Access to our powerful website management and marketing software, Dynamic Self-Syndication™ (DSS)
  • Custom content creation—everything from blogs to FAQs to in-depth case studies to informative articles
  • Social media strategies and services
  • Video production packages
  • Monthly customized patient newsletters completely done for you
  • Ongoing coaching, training and education

At Foster Web Marketing and Top Practices we are committed to building strong American businesses. That is why we are 100% Made in the USA. Ready to find out if we are right for each other? 

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