Successfully Using Stock Photos on Your Lawyer Website

This week, we’ve been discussing how to choose great images for your attorney website. One of the options you have is buying stock images on the internet from sites like Getty Images or Jupiter Images. While this can be an inexpensive and easy alternative to having a photo shoot, you should proceed with caution.

Here are a few tips regarding buying stock images:

  • Ask if you can have a better picture taken yourself. As long as it is high quality, an original picture is always going to be better than a stock photo. Your personal photos are more personal, more relevant, and much more unique. Before you buy a stock photo, think about other options.
  • Never pick an irrelevant or vague picture. The main problem with stock pictures is that they are generic. The chances of finding a specific picture that closely relates to your content is low – the chances of finding a picture that is high-quality and emotionally provocative and matches your content is even lower. Don’t settle for a vague picture.
  • Don’t choose an overused picture. Some stock photos are more popular than others. You don’t want to choose an image that has been downloaded hundreds of times by others or an image that your visitors may have seen before. Also keep in mind that popular pictures are usually vague pictures.
  • Beware of low-quality pictures. Low-resolution pictures are cheaper, but it’s for a reason. Also look out for outdated pictures, images with poor lighting, and bad graphics.

There is an appropriate time and place for stock photographs, but there are also plenty of times when you should choose another option, such as hiring a photographer, taking a picture yourself, or posting a video instead. Knowing the common mistakes people make with stock images is the first step toward using them correctly.

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