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You may have heard that a great content management system (CMS) can help you make the most of the content you create for your website—and that’s true! But are you secretly still wondering what a CMS is? Are you maybe even a little afraid to ask?

Don’t worry. We all have to start somewhere. Rest assured that trying to choose the right CMS for your website and business is legitimately confusing!

Whether you’re new to content management tools or just ready to move up to a better and more streamlined way to do things, let’s talk about the definition of “content management system” and why what you choose really matters.

What Is a Content Management System?

We’ll start with the first question we tend to hear from our clients: what the heck is a “content management system,” anyway? 

A CMS is an application or piece of software that helps people who don’t have a lot of technical expertise become their own webmasters. A CMS typically allows you to add and edit website content, as well as perform other functions that help you manage your website and marketing efforts. 

Those “other functions,” though, are what make each CMS unique.

Most basic-level content management systems allow you to publish content to your website, decide how it will look on the page, and make changes to existing content. Some content management systems may also offer some behind-the-scenes functionality for other marketing tasks—without the need for a skilled IT employee. 

Starting to sound more familiar? This is the point when a lot of our new clients ask their second question about content management systems: “So that’s like WordPress, right?”

Marketing Myth: All Content Management Systems Are “Just Like WordPress”

Close, but not quite right. WordPress is a CMS, but it’s only one of many options out there. Don’t get us wrong—WordPress can be an awesome tool for some content creators. But, like any CMS, its unique offerings aren’t right for everyone and aren’t necessarily representative of what you might get elsewhere. 

Need an example? Learn more about the difference between WordPress and DSS

The CMS you use to maintain the website for your law office or medical practice is a key behind-the-scenes player in making your site a success. If you choose the wrong content management solution, you may find that it’s difficult to use your website to its full effect, especially over time.

If the CMS you choose doesn’t allow for customization, then the pages you create will look like everyone else’s pages. If the CMS you choose only allows access to one person in your office, then that person will always be stuck doing the brunt of the work. If you have to open three different pieces of software to accomplish what you need to do, you’re wasting time and energy.

This is why the functionality of your CMS has such a big impact on your overall website content management strategy! It’s huge!

If your business or organization has expanded to the point that you’re spending hours of precious marketing time reading through user forums and fighting with the software to make it do what you want, then it’s probably high time for an upgrade to a more powerful and streamlined CMS.

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What to Look for in a Website Content Management System

Your CMS shouldn’t be a barrier to maintaining a great website. With the right one, you should be able to easily and quickly:

  • Customize the look and “feel” of your site
  • Update your website with new articles
  • Create and maintain an internal blog
  • Add photos, videos, books, and offers
  • Search for, curate, and reuse the media you’ve already added to your site
  • Create contact forms and follow-up sequences
  • Reorganize and delete old content
  • Edit existing content 
  • Update and make minor changes without downtime
  • See key analytics data
  • Search for and locate pages that aren’t performing well
  • Give user access to other people on your team
  • Get support and training 
  • Track leads and manage your contact list
  • Create and publish newsletters and email blasts
  • Meet online security needs and HIPAA requirements
  • Manage your reviews, reputation, and online listings
  • Automatically take care of many complicated back-end tasks

Some web design companies offer access to a proprietary CMS, and other design companies may leave it up to the website owner. Before you make a final decision, take the time to talk about the content management options available and how your site will be maintained after it has gone live.

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At Foster Web Marketing, we understand that a powerful CMS can make a huge difference for our clients, and we also recognize that most of our clients are not programmers or “techies” by trade. That’s why we decided to create our own CMS that better fits the unique marketing needs of podiatrists and attorneys.

Managing your website shouldn’t have to be hard in this day and age! 

Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS) is simple enough that beginners can jump right in and start creating content. It’s also complex enough that more advanced users can dig deeper for more utility and customization. You can add, edit, and delete written content on the fly, as well as access powerful tools for managing your website, content, email campaigns, reputation, analytics, and leads. Because it’s so easy to use, you and your entire team can quickly master the basics. And, because it’s so flexible and powerful, it will grow with you and keep delivering pro-level results as you push the limits.  

Your choice of content management system can revolutionize your marketing or just hold you back. Are you ready to see if DSS is the right fit for your needs? 

Contact Foster Web Marketing for a free demonstration of DSS in action, or give us a call at 888.886.0939 to find out if we have the powerful website solution you’ve been looking for.

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