What To Pay Attention To When Building Your First Website For Your Law Practice

If your practice is new and you are just beginning to build your attorney Web marketing campaign, the task of developing a website may seem daunting. What should you include, how innovated should it be, how do you stay on page one of search results? There are many things you need to consider when creating your website, but we're just going to focus on two - practice area pages and videos. The better these items are, the better the user experience.

Don't Discount Your Practice Area Pages

The practice page is important because this may be the first page future clients view. Perhaps they searched for the words "Miami car accident" and the search engine displays your page. This is the page they will click on and it needs to have the information they are looking for, including how you can help them, what their next steps should be, and all of your contact information. Even include information about a free book or report, so that they may receive a brief education regarding their type of accident. To have a landing page for each of the practices you serve makes for a clean, useful, and informative user experience.

Videos Need to Be Included

We're at the point where people expect to see video on your website. Google places a lot of emphasis on Web videos and often includes them in their search results. Make sure your website has videos that are helpful and informative for your target audience.

Effective Web design and marketing takes time and attention to detail. Remember that you want your website to be ranked high in search results, you want your future clients to intentionally dive into your site, and you want them to leave your website feeling confident and secure in your hands. Give yourself the time to fully build your practice area pages and create effective Web videos.

There are many more factors involved in building a great website and there are things to avoid. To learn more, order our FREE report, The 5 Biggest Mistakes 99% of Lawyers Make With Their Websites!

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