It's not nice to call names, but if you haven't created a mobile site for your law firm, you are most certainly not winning. And if losing is the opposite of winning...well...

Don't Be a Loser. Get Mobile!

Don't Be a Loser--Get Mobile Now!Pardon our bluntness. We are blunt about mobile websites because, as an attorney, you can't afford to lose mobile users. Mobile users are increasingly important to your success. Their numbers increase daily, and more often, they rely on their phones and tablets to give them the information they want. Today's mobile users:

  • Demand a mobile experience. Those using a browser on a smartphone do not have the patience to zoom and click around your website. If they can't easily browse your site from their phone they will swipe back and move on to your competitor. I'm sure you've tried to use a traditional page on a phone. It sucks, doesn't it?
  • Love social media. Hopefully, you have social media accounts for your law firm. If so, then you are poised to take advantage of mobile use—if you have a mobile site. But, if you don't, much of your social media efforts are for naught.
  • Use their devices to get in contact with you. Whether they are new clients, lost on the way to your office, or looking for your number to schedule an appointment, a mobile site will help them immensely. Our mobile sites make use of call and direction buttons, which are both displayed prominently.

Going From Zero to Hero

We usually offer tips to go along with points such as those listed above. But, in this case, our advice is the same for each bullet point: Get mobile now.

If you ignore our advice and fail to embrace the mobile revolution, the void in your law firm’s marketing plan will continue to grow, and you will lose clients to attorneys in your area who do have a mobile site.

Ready to join the winning team? Call 888.886.0939, and let our attorney mobile web design team create a mobile website that will help increase your site traffic, improve conversion rates, and elevate you from your current status as a mobile user. It's never been easier to go from zero to hero. Let us show you how.

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