Apps Aren't Just for Fun, They Can Be a Seriously Powerful Marketing Tool for Your Law Firm

The average smartphone user has over 80 apps downloaded to his or her phone. Does your law firm have an app? If not, you're missing out on an opportunity to brand your law firm, engage your audience, and increase your client base.   

Okay, But Who Would Download an App From an Attorney?

When we talk to attorneys about creating an app, they often scoff. They ask us: Aren't apps mostly used to make iPhone pictures look like pencil drawings or determine which celebrity you most resemble? What do apps have to do with me and my attorney mobile marketing plan?

I get it. I was skeptical about the popularity of attorney apps, too. But then I sat down, thought about it, and realized that the person most likely to download an attorney’s app is his or her ideal client. Let's take, for example, a person who downloads an app that would help an injured victim sort through the minutes and days after an accident.

This person is concerned enough about getting into an accident and prepared enough to download an app from a local law firm. This person already knows the benefits of having an attorney and of being prepared for anything. Should people like this need help, they are going to call the attorney who had their back before they needed legal help. And that attorney can be you—if you have the app.

Several of our personal injury clients have created and marketed successful apps. These apps offer a place to store accident information, file pictures of the scene, record witness statements, and keep track of doctor visits after the accident. The information is all in one place, making it easier to build a strong case and get proper compensation. Pretty cool, huh?

Apps for Every Type of Attorney

Personal injury attorneys don't get to have all the fun. Any attorney can take advantage of the app revolution. To determine what type of app is right for your law firm, you need to decide what support your target market needs. What are their most common questions? Could these be answered via a helpful app? Here are some ideas to mull over:

  • Family law attorneys: How about a handy calculator that helps estimate child support or alimony costs after a divorce? Or an interactive checklist for couples considering adoption?
  • Immigration attorneys: A language specific app would allow your diverse population of potential clients to access information, learn more about their rights, and determine if they should seek your help—all in the language they are most comfortable with.
  • Bankruptcy attorneys: Since your clients are in financial straits, consider an app that helps them organize debt and income information. The app could then advise on the next best step for their particular situation.

An App Is the Cherry on Top

We suggest that our clients create an app only after they are sure that they have their mobile website, SEO, and marketing plans dialed in. An app is only useful if your brand is fully developed—and if people know your name and are confident that you have their best interests at heart.

If you're already rocking it out on page one of Google, have a loyal social media audience, and are offering free books, an app may be exactly what you need to round out your marketing efforts.

For more information on creating a unique, downloadable app for your law firm, call 888-430-8377. We specialize in all things attorney mobile. From apps to mobile websites, we've got you covered. 

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