On Friday March 9 we will start tracking social media interactions on your website in Google Analytics.  This means that you’ll be able to look in Google Analytics and see what pages your visitors are sharing with their friends and colleagues via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
Please note: this features is only for clients who have upgraded to “warp drive” (version 2) sites.  This is only because all version 2 sites share a common architecture that allows us to easily roll-out changes like this to a large number of websites at once.  We do not have an easy way to implement social tracking for version 1 (older) sites, but if you would like us to review your site and give you a quote on doing this, please open a support request in DSS.

What social media interactions will be tracked in Google Analytics?

When this change is available on Friday March 9, you will be able to see data on the following social actions in Google Analytics:
  • Facebook Like, Unlike, Send, Comment and Uncomment
  • Twitter
  • Google+

If I have social media tracking on my site, how do I view the data in Google Analytics?

To see your social media interactions in Google Analytics, click on “Social” under the “Audience” section on the left sidebar.  Then select “Engagement”.  This will show you site visitors who are “Socially Engaged” vs. “Not Socially Engaged”.  If you want to see specific actions taken by your site visitors, click on “Action” from the left sidebar.

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The DSS Team
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