Want Better Clients? Quit Your White-Bread Marketing Strategies

Stack of White Bread

Sure, a bland piece of white bread is palatable and appealing to a wide range of people, but it lacks depth and has no real nutritional value. If you've been offering white-bread services—a ton of practice areas with no real focus—then you're getting white-bread clients and patients. These are not your ideal client, but you figure, "Hey, a case is a case." Or is it?

Are you sick and tired of taking on patients or clients that you don't love to work with? Do you take cases or patients just for the sake of getting another paying customer in the door? Where's the fun in that? And, more importantly, where's the profit in that?

Beyond Wonderbread

You're wasting money by buying generic ads and writing generic content for every Tom, Dick, and Sally. What you should be doing is crafting each piece of marketing material you produce to appeal to your perfect client.

Doing so will not only save you money—it will make you happier and more successful. We often hear from personal injury attorneys who are sick and tired of getting small, hard-to-win cases. But they are marketing to this audience, so what else can they expect? If you're using generic marketing strategies, what do you expect?

Baking a Better Loaf

Artisanal Bread in HandsThere are two questions you must answer before you can begin baking a better loaf:

  • Who are you baking for? Think back over your career and jot down the clients or patients you most enjoyed working with—not types of people, but the specific names of people who made your job easy, fun and profitable. Now, look at what they have in common. Are they all from one area of practice? Were they all male? All female? Were they all of a certain socioeconomic status? Finding common ground between these perfect clients will help you determine who your ideal client is.
  • What sets you apart from the other slices in the loaf? You need to know exactly why you are better than your competitor and what you have to offer that he or she does not. Your unique selling proposition has to be unique, not "I offer exceptional legal/medical care." Every lawyer and doctor believes this is true, so what really sets you apart?

Once you've answered these questions, you'll need to take a closer look at your current marketing strategies. More than likely, you have been trying to appeal to too wide a client base. But, if you change your strategy and begin catering to your ideal client or patient, you will begin to see a shift in your clientele.

If you bake up the right marketing strategy, mixing and kneading with your perfect client in mind, you'll attract those with a taste for your brand of bread. For help getting your ideal client recipe just right, call 888-886-0939. Our expert attorney marketing experts will make sure your loaf rises to meet the expectations of your perfect client.   

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