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If you're an attorney or law firm with a website, do you know how many pages from your site are indexed with Google and other search engines?

How do you currently add content? Can you login and add something within the matter of minutes, or do you have to exchange e-mails with your web design company just to get something added or changed (and probably pay them every time you have this done)?

The amount of content that you have on your website is THE MOST important aspect to increasing search engine rankings, visits, and chances of generating leads online. The amount of inbound links that your website has, the on-page optimization, domain age.... all of these are important, but nowhere near as important as having informative and relevant content.

Next time you get a chance, go to Google and do a search for "site:" (and of course plug in your websites domain). This will result in a list of how many pages from your website are indexed in Google (yes, we know Yahoo!, MSN, and other search engines are just as important, but usually, if you're doing well with Google, you'll also be doing well with the others). The more pages of content that you have, as long as these pages are relevant to your website offering, the better chances you have of obtaining more visitors. This is because:

1. The more content that you add to your website, the more authority that Google and other search engines will give your site. They don't care about a regular business site with 10 pages that talk about nothing but the business and their services. It's called the INFORMATION super highway, they care about web sites that bring something to the table. They care about sites that have content that people actually care about and can use.

2. Not everyone searches for the same keywords. The more content that you add, the better chances that you have of capturing visitors who are searching for variations of different keywords. Are you adding frequently asked questions, knowing that sometimes someone will search for something like "What should I do if I was just in a car accident"? If there was just a big case and someone searched for the names involved to find out if maybe they have a chance at something similar, do you have a blog post up offering your opinion and feedback? Do you offer information regarding anything relevant to your practice area(s) which is medical-related?

If you're not doing these things, you're already four steps behind the competition. The days where you pay a web design company a few grand to build a website and have it sit there for two years without making any updates are over, the attorneys and firms who are taking the initiative to add informative content on a regular basis and properly developing their web sites are the ones who are generating the most leads online.

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