What a Purple “Y” Can Teach You About Branding Your Law Firm

Yahoo! is in the middle of logo madness. Each day, they release a different version of their purple logo. The problem is that the only thing that changes is the font and size of the word "Yahoo!".

Because of this, much of the discussion surrounding Yahoo!'s logo-changing campaign centers around not just the change in logo, but the change in brand. Yahoo! has been hard at work changing their image.

According to Kathy Savitt, Yahoo!'s Chief Marketing Officer, "We've introduced beautiful new products that have changed the way you see the weather, read email, share photos, and follow your favorite sports team."

So their logo change—and the internet buzz they've created about it—is a way to get people to check out the "new and improved" Yahoo!. A logo change, in and of itself, would have little effect on the popularity of the site. In fact, changing a logo without rebranding the company can have disastrous effects.

A few years ago, Gap decided to debut a new logo. Unfortunately for them, customers reacted very negatively to the change, taking to social media and blogs to slam the updated logo. In reaction, Gap quickly changed the logo back to the original. The problem with the change in logo was that Gap didn't change direction; they didn't radically change their line to serve a different demographic. It was the same image, same clothes, and same brand with a new logo, and people hated it.

Your Takeaway From Yahoo!'s 30 Days of Change

While your law firm may not be on par with Yahoo! and Gap, you can learn something from these large companies: A logo isn't the same as a brand.     

Your logo is important, as it can give your firm instant recognition, but what people value isn't just a stylish logo—it's a consistent brand. The design of your website, every piece of content you write, every video you make, and all of your social media efforts must further your brand.

To ensure that your law firm branding strategy is solid, call our law firm website design team at 888-886-0939.

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