When Was the Last Time You Read a Boring Book?

The last time you read a boring book was likely during college or another time when you were required to read books that you would never have read otherwise. Now, you would never choose to read a boring book that offered no new information. Likewise, you wouldn't read a book that contained multiple errors or was poorly written. Your time is precious, and wasting time on a bad book is simply not an option.

This is why it's crucial that the free book you offer on your attorney website is:

  • Intriguing
  • New and exciting
  • Proofread to perfection

One boring chapter or a few too many mistakes could mean that any interest your book initially generated is lost. Instead of being an effective conversion tool, your book becomes a great way to light a toasty winter fire. Not good.

Get Good to Get Read

Ways to keep potential clients reading include:

  • Setting up each chapter as a "Secret Revealed" or "Priceless Tip"
  • Including images, graphs, and/or charts
  • Ensuring that it's error free
  • Breaking up long chapters and paragraphs
  • Talking about them, not you
  • Saving the call to action for the end

Basically, you want to write a book that you want to read. From title to the final paragraph, your book should reflect your professionalism and dedication to helping your clients.

Not sure where to start? We can help. At Foster Web Marketing our book writing for attorneys services are custom fitted to your needs. We can take over the entire project or help guide you as you write. The choice is yours. But, no matter what choice you make, call 888.886.0939 or request our free book, The Secret to Content That Gets You Cases, Plain and Simple today.

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