Why Having a Mobile Attorney Website Matters

Having a real presence on the mobile Web is more important than ever, but do you know how to effectively translate your main site into a great mobile site? Unfortunately, too many law firms and other small businesses choose to just create a mobile copy of their entire main site. While that may have been fine a few years ago, the mobile users of today are increasingly expecting more from the mobile websites they visit. Building an effective mobile website is now about cherry-picking the highlights of your main site and bringing that to your mobile users in a compelling and convenient format. 

Why Can’t I Just Make My Main Website Available to Mobile Users?

  • It’s just too much. If you’re doing it right, your main website is probably too big and difficult to navigate for a typical mobile user. It’s often overwhelming for users, and it can be frustrating to find the information you need on the go. 
  • It’s hard to navigate on a mobile device. Mobile users are navigating with their fingers on a small screen. Your main website may look great to desktop users, but that often means that mobile users are greeted with tiny menus and a frustrating experience. 
  • It doesn’t show up right for mobile users. Some elements of your main attorney website may not translate very well to mobile viewing. If your images are broken, your videos won’t load, and your menus won’t work, mobile users are going to move on to your competitor’s sites. 
  • Mobile users are often ready to reach out. Many people turn to their mobile devices when they are having a problem and need an immediate solution. Mobile website additions, like one-click calling, interactive maps, and clear information to get started, should be focused on users who need help now—with direction to your main website for more in-depth information.  

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