Taking a Novel Approach to Your Website Content Will Help You Stand Out and Find Greater Success

Attract readers to your professional website by taking your writing in a unique direction.Are you always writing the same boring content? Do you have it down to a kind of “formula” that you use to churn through a huge batch of blog posts and articles each weekend? Do you have trouble imagining actually wanting to read through your website—on purpose?

If so, it’s time to change the way you think about content writing. Make today the day you stop writing all those dull, generic articles and start writing off the beaten path.

Why You Should Be Getting Creative With Your Website Content

When you’re used to writing a certain way, getting creative can sound a little risky. However, you might be surprised by how much it really will help your marketing efforts. Taking a novel approach offers more enjoyment for your readers and truly sets you apart from your competition.

It can also make you more relatable and approachable in the minds of your readers. When your reader can visualize you as a real person with a real personality and feelings, it builds trust and allows you to reach them on a personal and emotional level. And if you are able to make your readers laugh while they learn, they’ll remember you—or maybe even share the information with their friends and family. By writing off the beaten path, you can reach more people and showcase what really makes you and your business unique.

How to Ditch the Usual Boring Content and Start Getting “Unusual”

Are you ready to get started? The goal is to know what will capture your reader’s attention and engage their imaginations. This is why it’s important to determine your “perfect client” before you get started. Once you have those “perfect clients” in mind, you can start by sticking to the basic topics, but adding your own personality, creativity, and humor. Try discussing the topic in a unique and engaging way. Think about what you initially read or did that made this topic finally click for you or caused your “eureka moment.” This can improve your writing and help you explain the topic to the reader in a way that will hopefully be more understandable and interesting.

Are you having trouble knowing how to put more of your personality in the content for your website? One great way to showcase your compassion for your clients and passion for your career is through case results. You can let some of your personality shine through by discussing challenges you faced during a case and how it made you feel. Again, this type of content allows your reader to see you and who you really are, not just another business person trying to make a sale.

Don’t forget to also take advantage of creative or funny people in your office! It’s always a great idea to collaborate with creative co-workers. At FWM we refer to this as a “brain dump.” Loads of great ideas can come from sitting down with the creative and witty people in your office and brainstorming about:

  • Content topics
  • Current events
  • Effective strategies for content distribution
  • How to inject creativity and humor into otherwise boring information

It’s pretty likely that you’ll leave this meeting with a fresh perspective on content creation.

What’s Too Unusual?

Keep in mind that writing “unusual” content doesn’t necessarily mean toeing the line of weird or being alarmingly different. It simply means that your content should be uniquely valuable. There are many sites that probably have content based on the same topic, but more often than not, readers will find that one of those sites has presented the information in a way that resonates with them. This can be through a unique voice, interesting style, or simply an explanation that is more understandable.

What’s Just Not Funny?

If you’re an attorney who deals with serious issues and injuries, it can be hard to be both professional and funny. There can be a fine line between humorous and heartless. However, adding a bit of humor to a newsletter or email blast is a great way to inject personality and playfulness into what can otherwise be very serious content. Another great way to do this is to provide information about what you and other members of your team do for community outreach and volunteer activities. It’s much easier to inject humor and creativity tastefully into pieces like this than it is to attempt to work it in to a piece on car accidents or other serious topics.

Making Sure People See the Content You Create

Once you’ve started adding some personality to your writing, it’s time to make sure that your potential clients are seeing it. In addition to effective SEO tactics and keyword integration, you can:

  • Share your most interesting articles and blogs on social media
  • Optimize your existing content
  • Write a great guest post for someone else’s blog
  • Include a link to your site in e-newsletters and add a link to your site on your email signature

Are you finding that you don’t have time to write creative content? Are you having trouble bringing in traffic or keeping readers engaged when they do visit your site? Don’t be tempted to give up on creative content. Instead, it might be time to consider working with a professional content service.

How Does Working With a Professional Content Service Help Me Create Creative Content?

Site engagement comes from regularly publishing high-quality content on your website. Posting well-written, informative articles on your website will also help to establish you as an expert in your field and keep your readers coming back for more. However, creating great content for your website on a regular basis is most often a full-time commitment. The reality is that, as a busy professional and business owner, carving out enough time to write effective content is nearly impossible. Thankfully, turning to a professional content service can help because:

  • A great content service will continuously publish solid content on your website while you take care of your clients.
  • Their writers are writers by trade, so they know how to write great content. They know how to take your thoughts, ideas, personality, and tone and create content that effectively conveys your message to your “perfect client.”
  • The great content they provide will increase your conversion rate.
  • They will get creative with your content! A professional content service can provide you with all kinds of engaging content, including newsletters, case results, bios, email blasts, and more.

Need help creating the kind of content that your potential clients will remember? Talk to us today at 866-460-3724 to learn more about how you can make your website content work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are the perfect way to provide readers with answers to the most common questions about your industry, business, or practice areas. By answering the questions your clients are asking on a frequent basis, you can establish yourself as an authority on the subject and, in turn, gain the trust of your readers. Offering the answers to common questions on your website can also save you a lot of time during intake because clients can immediately get what they need online

Blog posts and FAQs will help you stay current and relevant and will give your brand personality. Our team will create share-worthy content items to make your business stand out.

Blog Posts

Blogs cover almost any topic related to your business, from news to tips to changing laws and policies. Ultimately, the idea is to create “snackable” pieces of content that are a little more casual and keep people engaged and coming back for more. Copy that is relevant to current events is more equipped to accomplish that.

These pieces can enhance your connection to your community, and give you a voice of reason when it comes to current events. This will help keep your followers and website visitors in the loop and improve the trust they have in you.

Library Articles

Library articles provide readers with “evergreen” content—content that is relevant to your business, barely changes over time (so it is always relevant to your clients and potential clients), or zeroes in on specific aspects of a practice area and sustains its “SEO juice” over time. They serve as foundational pieces that provide informed and well-developed facts and ideas on topics relevant to your practice areas that help your clients and potential clients understand basic, critical information.

Once we have identified the best topics for your website, our writing team will create well-researched, informative articles that will help to convert potential clients into actual clients.

Offer Pages

While blogs and supporting content play a major role in bringing people to your website, landing pages are on a mission to convince your perfect clients to take action. Landing pages for your books and offers allow you to address your potential clients’ specific pain points, connect your offer to those needs, and encourage readers to take that next step—download your offer.

Once someone has filled out your request form, they will be sent to a thank-you page that reaffirms their decision to reach out. They will receive a thank-you email that lets them know you’re there for them and appreciate their interest.