What do you see when you look at 90 percent of attorney marketing videos on the internet? You see an attorney, sitting at his or her desk, and talking into a camera. The sound is often tinny, the desk might not be that organized, and the background is just plain boring.


When most people think about green screen technology, they think of movie special effects – dinosaurs, aliens, explosions, and spaceships. But the reality is that green screen technology is a common tool for cinematographers who want to create high-quality, cost-saving, and professional videos.


The green screen difference

How does green screen technology improve video marketing for lawyers? To put it simply, a green screen allows you to create exactly the video that you have in mind – and even videos that you didn’t think were possible. Green screens make it easy to add your law office logo, multiple backgrounds, and text. In addition, a green screen studio provides a closed environment especially built for video – an environment that is constructed to optimize sound and light. Finally, a green screen studio is an inexpensive way to produce a video that would otherwise require multiple locations.


The green screen studio at Fairfax Video Studio

How can your law office take advantage of green screen technology? At Foster Web Marketing, we have our own green screen studio as well as our own team of video producers, writers, and marketing experts. We specialize in leading attorneys through the entire process of getting professional video on their website, from brainstorming initial ideas to seamlessly integrating video onto your site. For more information, call us today at 888.886.0393.


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