A Video Is Your First Date With Potential Clients

It's the definition of a nightmare date: The other person appears totally self-absorbed, never stops talking about themselves, sweats profusely, and is dressed like the star of an 80's infomercial. It's clear in the first few minutes that you'll never make a connection, but you are forced to sit through dinner, nod, and smile.

Bad marketing video is exactly like this first date—the subject only talks about themselves and their appearance is off-putting.  The only difference is that if your videos are bad, nobody is going to sit through them out of politeness. If you don't engage your audience by answering the questions on their minds, they are going to click back and find a new attorney. And you'll be left holding the check.

Be a Great First Date

It's crucial that your videos demonstrate your listening skills.

Your first step in conveying this through video is to pay close attention to prospective and current clients. You need to listen, truly listen, to the questions they are asking. This means taking notes and collecting data each time a prospective client calls, uses your site's chat feature, or when you speak to them during their first appointment. Be sure to note:

  • What questions they ask. Write down all questions, especially those asked during the intake process. The more information you write down, the easier it will be to find engaging topics for your videos.
  • What their concerns are. These are the issues that keep them awake at night. What are their fears? What do they need to hear from you to make them feel better or ease their worries?
  • Which of their questions need to be answered first. These are the questions that they want answers to before they make an appointment.
  • How they like being spoken to. All attorneys should appear confident and knowledgeable, but depending on your audience, you may need to adjust your tone. Do your clients want you to be an aggressive defender of their rights? Or are they looking for an attorney who is highly compassionate—someone who they can see themselves as friends with?

When you have collected enough data, you'll start to see trends. It could be that 5 out of 10 calls begin with a very similar question or that there is one subject that the majority of your new clients want to know more about. Take this information and craft short—under two minutes—videos that answer these questions in an empathetic, professional manner. Doing so will give your audience the answers they so desperately seek. This will advance your image as a professional and help break the ice. Potential clients will feel as if they already know you, making it that much easier for them to pick up the phone and make an appointment.  

For example, in this video we discuss a common question we get, "Why do I get so many visitors and so few contacts?"

The Man in the Mirror

While we should always judge a person by his or her heart and brain, the reality is that the vast majority of humans judge others on looks first, heart and brain second. So it's time to take a good hard look in the mirror. You need to project a professional, attractive image in your videos. To do so, you'll need to wear clothes that suit you, take care of that sweating problem you have, and decide if you have a "face for radio."

You'll also need to consider the quality of your voice, your cadence, and your tone. If you know that your voice isn't appealing or that you tend to stutter when nervous, you have some work to do.

You can absolutely get help with most of the above issues and still star in your own videos. You can hire a stylist to give you wardrobe suggestions, get a more flattering haircut, hire a makeup artist, and have an acting coach work on your speaking style. It's doable, and we've seen it work many times.

Other clients with these issues have decided to hire a professional spokesmodel instead. By hiring a spokesmodel that best represents your brand, you don't need to stress about your on-camera appearance. You can focus on your business while we make high-quality videos that project a professional, polished image.   

If you're ready to embrace the power of great video, request our free book, The 8 Biggest Mistakes That Lawyers Make With Video. This book will help get you on the road to making better video and getting more second dates.

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