Lawyer Video Marketing: 4 Great Attorney Video Subject Idea

So you’ve decided to create attorney videos for your law firm website, YouTube Channel, and other online marketing needs. Smart choice! But, even though you have everything you need to get started, you don’t have an idea for what your videos should be about.

We are here to help. Below, find four different angles to take when creating your online lawyer videos:

  1. Answer a question. Every time someone gets on the internet and visits a search engine, they have a question and are looking for an answer – and every time someone visits your attorney website, they are looking for information. Think about the first ten questions potential clients ask when they walk in your door, and answer those questions in ten short, clear, and helpful videos.
  2. Tell a story about a recent case. One reason we use video is to connect with our users – and there is perhaps no better way to connect than through telling a story. Pick a recent client and case result that was meaningful to you, and share your experience. Be sure to be personal and professional – and be sure to share the outcome of the case.
  3. Share a testimonial. You probably have a page of client testimonials, but are they all in text? A video testimonial from a recent client can be extremely powerful, and even a video of your written testimonials read aloud (with added images) can be a dynamic addition to your website.
  4. Talk about your free offer. Do you offer a free report, an eBook, or a car safety kit to visitors? If so, be sure to tell your visitors about your offer in a video, along with why this offer can help them get answers to their questions, educate them, or help them in the future.

Remember: Some of your website visitors will prefer to read text, while others will seek out video. Offering both types of content, from testimonials to frequently asked questions, will ensure that all of your users learn about your services and your strengths. Not to mention that both textual content and video content will help your search engine optimization.

Want to get involved in lawyer video marketing? Contact our attorney video experts today to get started by calling 888-886-0939.

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