Do you feel a little bogged down when you’re trying to write content for your website? Do you sometimes even ask yourself if it’s really worth the effort you put into it? I get it! I really do. Content can sometimes feel like a little bit of “extra” that you put on top of the other marketing you do. But, before you decide to put down that pen or pack up that keyboard, I want you to take a look at what a focus on content has done at Browning & Long, PLLC.

My team and I tell people all the time that, in online marketing, content is KING—and it’s 100% true. Each piece of well-written, well-optimized content that you create plays a tremendous role in driving organic traffic to your website and improving your SEO rankings. 

The key here, though, is that it can’t be just any content—it has to be great online content, and it has to hit all the right notes to work at peak performance for your law firm. 

Content That “Reads the Minds” of Potential Clients

Partners Todd Browning and Howard Long are very receptive to new ideas, and they’re both great at identifying out-of-the-box strategies to drive in new leads and potential clients. That’s part of why they chose to work with FWM! 

Their most recent efforts have been laser-focused on improving their website content, and—along with FWM’s SEO and content teams—they are knocking it out of the park. 

Instead of trying to produce tons of content all at once, they started simple. Each month, the FWM writers produce a library article, blog, and FAQ for the Browning & Long website. The content focuses on informing new visitors about the legal process and predicting common questions from potential clients and their families. 

Find out how to create a content strategy for YOUR law firm. 

Now, when new visitors come to the site, it’s likely that the answers they’re looking for are already right there—and there’s no better user experience than a business that can seemingly “read your mind!” 

Since Browning & Long also features pointers to their best content on their homepage and landing pages, they start directing new visitors to the answers they need immediately, and all that information is available to potential clients 24 hours a day. The monthly mix of blogs, library articles, and FAQs give visitors lots to choose from, and dividing up their message into these different types of content keeps it fresh and easy to digest for almost any kind of reader. 

Best of all, because their site is built by FWM and powered by DSS, their content is also automatically connected to other relevant pages on their site in sidebars and other page elements. This encourages people to dig deeper after reading and puts relevant information right in front of them.  

Strategy That Keeps Content in Focus

Writing any kind of content might help you a little, but you need focus to write truly effective content for your website. It is critical to establish a concrete strategy that outlines what content you want new website visitors to see, identifies what content is currently driving traffic, and ensures that relevant leads are generated from each piece. 

Each piece of content you put on your site should be:

  • Useful and informative for your perfect clients
  • More valuable than the content on other sites
  • Credible and of high quality
  • Engaging and relevant for your readers
  • Harmonious with your branding and the other content on your site
  • Moving readers toward a goal

A sustainable content strategy is what keeps you on track and turns all those individual articles, blogs, and FAQs into a powerhouse website that attracts new cases, converts readers, and retains past clients and referral sources.

Without that plan, you’re just expending energy without knowing why or what for!

To create the content strategy for Browning & Long, we analyzed their main competitors’ websites to learn more about what is working in their location and in their practice areas. Then, we worked with Todd and Howard to build up their own unique, strategic content plan and broke it down into sustainable monthly tasks. 

Now, each month, they know what needs to be produced and why. All their content works together, building on past pieces and creating a unified brand “voice.” They always know that each piece of content that goes on the site is pre-planned and designed to both target their perfect clients and advance their most important goals for the firm.

Polish, Optimize, and Audit for Peak Performance

With their focus set, the next step was to create a healthy place for Browning & Long’s new content strategy to grow. Our attorney SEO team filled in the gaps in their local citations, cleaning up and optimizing the firm’s listings as they went. 

Our team also optimized their profiles on legal directory sites, like Avvo and Justia, to get more juice out of those listings and drive more relevant traffic. 

While their outside listings got the optimization treatment, our team was also hard at work cleaning up their links and optimizing their website. We audited their site for any broken links that drag down the user experience, and we audited their backlink profile to make sure that the links they are getting from others build a more authoritative profile for their own site. We also optimized their content and landing pages to play nicely with Google.  

Proof That Browning & Long’s Content Strategy Is a Strategy for Major Success

The measurable improvement that has come from Browning & Long’s focus on content is obvious. They are already feeling marked improvements in their organic traffic, with users, new users, sessions, and goals completions improved by more than 100%:

Browning & Long Law Firm Website Organic Traffic

They’re also seeing big increases in their direct traffic, with a huge 137% increase in goal completions:

Website Direct Traffic Increase

The best part is that a huge amount of the traffic they get to their website is coming from the cities and areas that they most want to target with their marketing:

Browning & Long Law Firm Website Traffic

Set the Stage for Your Own Content-Driven Gains

There’s a lot that goes into marketing your law firm well, but it all really starts with optimized, relevant, and engaging content that’s written for the kinds of clients you want to see. 

Your content is the foundation of your marketing, and it plays a major role in driving more traffic, maintaining solid SEO, establishing trust, providing a sense of credibility, creating a personal connection with potential clients, and highlighting critical information—all the things you want your marketing to do!

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