Do I really need a search box on my attorney website?

It really depends. Offering a search box can help you provide a more user-friendly experience for your web audience. But, on the other hand, a search box is pretty useless if you don’t have much in the way of content. 

Keep in mind that a search box isn’t necessarily a critical element, especially for small attorney websites. Some sites only offer a search box for certain sections of the site, and others skip a search box entirely. However, you find adding a search box to your attorney website most beneficial if:

  • You have (or plan to have) a long-running blog full of rich content.
  • You have (or plan to have) a large library of informative articles.
  • You want to encourage visitors to stick around on your site to find that they need. 

There are, however, some websites that probably won’t really benefit from a search box. These might include:

  • Websites that have very little content.
  • Small websites that are very specifically focused.
  • Websites that do not provide much in the way of regular, informative content or a blog.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of preference—but do keep your target audience’s needs in mind, too. If you have a wealth of information available on your site, a search box can really help your online audience dig deeper into your site and get to know you better! 

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