How can I figure out what kind of content my attorney web visitors want to read?

One of the keys to producing great attorney website content is knowing exactly what those who looking for a lawyer like you want to read. But how can you possibly figure that out? Here are three ideas:

  • Think about what questions they have when they walk in your door. When people search for information on the internet, they are always trying to answer a question. If you can predict what questions they are asking, you can predict what content they are looking for.
  • Have them fill out a survey at your office. Once a person has signed on as your client, ask them a few questions about why they chose you and what they needed most when they were looking for an attorney.
  • Look at Google Analytics. Google Analytics will show you exactly what keywords people typed into the search engine to find your page. These keywords will often let you know what content people are looking for most.​ 

There’s also a fourth way to find out what kind of content writing for attorneys you should post on your lawyer website – work with Foster Web Marketing to get regular ideas and guidance. Call us today for more information.

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