You’ve Got Questions About Writing a Book for Your Business; We’ve Got Answers!

We encourage you to browse through our responses to the questions we get asked most about writing free website offers and books. Questions range from “Is it a good idea to have a ghostwriter write my book?” to “Do you have any tips for writing an interesting title for my e-book?”

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  • What happens after I choose FWM to write my book?

    Book Writing With Foster Web Marketing

    Writing a book sounds like a painful task, but that’s only when you don’t have the help of an expert writing and marketing team.

    At Foster Web Marketing, we’ve ghostwritten enough legal guides and e-books for our clients that we’ve turned the process into a fast and efficient art. We’ve broken down the whole process into manageable tasks, and we leave the opportunity open for you to be as involved (or not involved) in our marketing services as you wish.

    While some lawyers will bring us an almost-finished book or guide to edit, we understand that other attorneys would like us to take the reins on the project from beginning to end. Either way, there is a general shape to the process that we follow, no matter your chosen level of involvement.

    The 8-Step Process of Writing a Book With FWM

    If you decide to partner with us to create a book, guide, report, or other offer, these are the basic steps you can expect:

    1. Choose a topic for your attorney book. You know your practice and areas of expertise best, so we ask you to choose the topic or topics for your book. You’re not totally on your own, though! We can also work with you to develop your rough ideas or guide you to unique and creative topics that will deliver the information that your web visitors are looking for.
    2. Meet with our writer and marketing team for a short interview. Once you have a focused topic in mind, you meet with our marketing team and writer to discuss the details of your book. Depending on the length and complexity of the book, we may need to have you approve an outline or briefly meet with us again to share more information. These meetings are your best chance to tell us what you are looking for, how you see the “tone” of your book, and what kinds of details you’d like it to cover.   
    3. Sit back as we write the first draft of your e-book. This is the easy part for you, but it’s the challenging part for us! While you get on with other work that needs to be done around your office, we write a first draft of your book or guide based on the decisions made in the meetings with our writer.
    4. Look over the first draft and suggest changes. Once you have the first draft from us in hand, read it over and make any changes or suggestions you have. This is your opportunity to tell us about tonal changes, typos, small mistakes, or big thematic issues that need to be fixed.  
    5. Look over the second draft and make final alterations. If needed, we will write a second draft of your book that incorporates your suggested changes. When you get the second draft, you get a second chance to make suggestions and share your opinions.
    6. Let us format and design a great cover for your book. Be sure to tell us if you have specific ideas for cover images, colors you’d prefer, or themes you’d like to avoid. With your input, we perfect the book’s internal layout and design and create an effective cover image to post on your website.
    7. Give your approval to the final draft. We’ll ask you to do a final review of the book with everything put together, designed, and formatted. Make sure that absolutely everything looks the way you want it to, from the content to the design to the cover. Once any final changes are made, it’s time to publish your work!
    8. Get your book added to your attorney website. We’ll add the book to your attorney website, along with the copy, landing page, banners, and buttons needed to promote it. If you’d also like to produce hard copies of your book to mail to your contacts, we are happy to talk about the print-publishing options available to you.

    Now, watch as visitors begin to download their own copies of your, request print copies, and call your office for help! To increase the effectiveness of your new book, don’t forget to launch follow-up campaigns and promote the release through email and social media.    

    Just because writing an attorney book takes a significant amount of time and effort doesn’t mean it has to take up all of your time. At Foster Web Marketing, we mix your expertise with the strength and talents of our team to create great marketing tools for your website, quickly and efficiently. From start to finish, we generally produce your book for you in three months or less.

    Want to get started on your new book right away? Check out our book writing services or give us a call at 888.886.0939.

    What If I’ve Already Started a Book and Need Help Finishing It?

    We understand that writing your own book can be an overwhelming task. This is especially true for busy lawyers and other professionals who may possess the skills and knowledge to write effectively, but who simply do not have time or know-how to complete a polished final product.

    It doesn’t matter if you’ve only jotted down some ideas, have a working outline, have a rough draft, or have an almost-finished product that just needs a professional touch. No matter where you are in the writing process, we offer attorney book-writing services to suit your needs.

    You can have as much or as little control as you’re comfortable with and still end up with a professional final product. We can even just provide the editing and formatting services for you when the writing is done!

    Interested? Contact us at 888.886.0939 or browse our book writing services to work out a plan that will make your book a reality.  

  • Why aren’t people downloading the free offer on my website?

    Increase Book Downloads on Your Attorney Website

    "Free" is a powerful word. Study after study shows that using free books and offers on your website dramatically increases conversion rates. So, if you are already offering a free book (or other offer) on your law firm’s website, then you’ve already taken a huge step and probably have most of the really hard work out of the way.

    However, if it just doesn’t seem like you’re getting much interest in your free book offer once it’s live on your website, don’t give up just yet. Instead, here’s a little troubleshooting guidance.

    Make Sure Your Book or Free Offer Is Something Your Perfect Clients Want to Download

    If no one seems to be downloading your book, we recommend that you start troubleshooting at the root. Look critically at what you’re offering, and work through these diagnostic questions:

    1. Is your free book offer relevant to your potential clients? Although “free” is a powerful motivator, the most powerful motivator is relevance. If your book focuses on probate law, but most of your practice is devoted to divorce law, the potential clients who find your book probably aren’t interested because it doesn’t really address their concerns.

    By offering free items that appeal directly to your ideal clients, you are putting out bait for an audience that is already ready to listen—and, hopefully, ready to hire an attorney. If your offer speaks to them and helps them in their time of need, then they are much more likely to hire you over a competitor that has nothing tangible to offer.

    2. Does your free book offer suffer from thin content?Thin content” is content that doesn’t really deliver enough guidance or information to satisfy your readers. For example, if your book is very short or only focuses on pitching your law office, then potential clients may not find it useful or worth the download.

    Take a critical look at what you’re offering. Does it really offer something of value to the people you want to attract as clients? If not, consider expanding and improving your book’s content to improve download rates and avoid making a bad impression on your readers.

    3. Is it easy to request your free book? If your website visitors can’t immediately find a way to request your book, they probably won’t keep digging. Make sure you have clear links to your offer page and incorporate an easy contact form. Test your contact forms to make sure they work as expected and are delivering the right message.  

    Keep in mind that your contact forms should be specific to the book you are offering, and they should be brief (while still collecting the information you need). Be sure to get visitors excited about your book with compelling calls to action.

    If your book is already relevant, robust, and easy to download, then it’s time to move on to the next phase of troubleshooting. Let’s look at how—and where—you are promoting your free offer.

    Promote Your Free Book or Offer to Increase Interest and Get More Downloads

    You can’t expect people to get excited about a book or offer they don’t know about. If you have a great offer on your website, but downloads are struggling, the next step is to find a way to inform and remind your clients that it’s available:

    • Feature it on your website. Using DSS, it's simple to add new books or offers to your website, create landing pages for your offers, and create professional contact forms for download or mail requests. Adding a “thank you” page and follow-up “thank you” email are additional touches that let readers know you’ve received their request. For maximum effect, you should also promote your book or offer on your homepage, relevant practice area pages, and the sidebars of relevant supporting pages.
    • Include it in your newsletters. Mention your latest book or legal guide when you send out your newsletter, and maybe offer a “teaser” of the content. Let people know how they can get it and that you are offering it for free. If people are interested enough to read your newsletter, it’s likely that they’re interested in reading your book, too!
    • Make it your call to action. In relevant blog posts, articles, and FAQs on your website, use your book offer as a call to action. Since your readers are already engaged with the content on the page, moving on to the additional content in your book is a natural step—but you have to let them know that next step is available.
    • Embrace social media. Using your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to promote your book is a great idea, but don't overdo it. The last thing potential clients—or your friends and associates—want is to hear about every hour of every day is your book. You definitely want to let people know when you publish a new book and promote it while it’s fresh. After that, though, occasional reminders will suffice, especially when you can tie it to a relevant campaign or message.
    • Engage readers with an email follow-up campaign. The people who download your book share their contact information with you, so look at it as an opportunity to stay in touch. A “drip” campaign keeps you top of mind after people download your book and helps convert them into clients. It also increases the chances that your readers will recommend your book or offer to their own friends and family.

    We Can Write a Book for You and Give You Everything You Need to Promote It

    If you haven’t written a book yet, or if your current book is struggling, FWM has a solution that can explode your growth. With a Practice Expansion Campaign, you choose the focus, while our team writes your book, creates the landing page for your website, writes your email follow-up campaign, and provides the supporting content you need to bring it all together. You even get personalized coaching that will hone your strategy and get you focused on exactly who your perfect clients are and how to reach them!

    From brainstorming topic ideas to promoting your book, a Practice Expansion Campaign makes the process of adding a free book to your website not only painless but fun. Questions? Call 888.886.0939.

  • I want to offer a free book on my law firm’s website. What should it be about?

    How to choose a topic for your attorney book

    These days, most of your online audience is likely to have a hard drive that is clogged with all kinds of free e-books and downloads from different sites. And, as unfair as it might sound, your online audience expects more than ever from your online marketing freebies.  

    We are not saying you shouldn’t write a book and offer it on your website for free—quite the opposite actually. We’re just saying your book needs to meet the needs of your potential clients and the needs of your law firm, and it all starts with the topic you choose.

    Your Topic Should Be Relevant to Your Potential Clients

    You are writing a book to attract more of the kinds of cases and “perfect clients” you want. That means your topic planning for your book needs to start with what is most relevant to that audience.

    Think about who you want to reach and what you can share with them that will be valuable and relevant to their lives. If your free book isn’t relevant to most of the clients you hope to attract, then they probably won’t download it, even for free. Why would they?

    Instead, you need to focus on why they are visiting your website or searching for your law firm and what matters to them:

    • Choose a topic that helps your readers handle a crisis. For example, a personal injury lawyer might write about what to do at the scene of an accident. A criminal defense lawyer might write about what you should do after your loved one is arrested, or an estate planner might address what to do after a loved one’s death. Aim to provide the information your perfect clients need at the point of crisis, and they will remember that you had the answers they needed in a difficult time.
    • Choose a topic that makes the legal process easier. Walk your readers through a common legal process in your practice area. For example, you might give a timeline and more information about how a personal injury case proceeds in your state or talk about the steps in bankruptcy and loan modification. The idea is to break down complex legal topics into digestible—and truly useful—information that addresses what your potential clients face.
    • Choose a topic that focuses on a specific segment of your audience. If you have more than one practice area, it’s hard to come up with a topic that will be truly relevant to everyone. If you have a broad practice area or highly varied client base, it’s hard to speak to everyone’s needs. By choosing a topic that focuses on one niche, practice area, or portion of your audience, you deliver the most relevant information to exactly the right people. Think “A Woman’s Guide to Divorce” or “What You Need to Know After a DUI.”

    Your Topic Should Be Interesting to Your Potential Clients

    When was the last time you enjoyed a boring book? Relevance is crucial, but you don’t want to make your potential clients wade through a bunch of dry information or boring definitions to get the information they need. A boring book is not an effective conversion tool!

    You’ll attract more readers and make people happier if you can present relevant information in an intriguing, exciting, or interesting way:  

    • Choose a topic that expands upon current news and events. Is there a big story or trend that relates to your area of law? Have there been recent changes to the law that people need to know about? Has a case related to one of your practice areas had a lot of media coverage? People are probably already curious about these kinds of topics, so a book that explains or expands upon popular subjects in accessible language can be a huge draw. For example, you can use your book to explain why a prescription drug was recalled, how a change in tax laws affects your estate planning clients, or the lessons your potential clients can take from a trending story.  
    • Choose a topic that offers “insider” knowledge. Some of the most irresistible book topics give readers a unique peek into a particular process or industry. That kind of “insider” information not only establishes you as an authority on the subject, but it also helps your readers orient to the topic and avoid making “rookie mistakes.” For example, you might write about “5 Secrets of the Hail Insurance Industry Revealed” or “Why Injured Patients Don’t File Medical Malpractice Claims.”
    • Choose a topic that highlights what you do best. Every law firm is unique, so focus on what makes you stand out. Are you the go-to person for a certain kind of case? Do you have expertise in an unusual area or with a highly specific client base? Do you have a unique point of view you can share with your potential clients? Choose a topic that shows you as the authority you are and offers a glimpse into why your law firm is different. This is a great place to use stories of past clients and cases to bring your book to life and illustrate important points for your readers.

    Your Topic Should Be Robust Enough to Warrant a Book

    When looking for topics that are both relevant and interesting, it’s easy to end up with ideas that are a little too narrow to warrant a whole book on the subject. If your free “book” is very short or seems to mostly just be a pitch for your services, your potential clients are likely to be more disappointed than delighted.

    Don’t be tempted to just “pad” thin information with useless information for the sake of the word count. If you can’t write enough useful, unique information on your original topic to come up with a 30-page book, you might consider combining several related topics or publishing the shorter document as a “guide” or “report” instead.

    If you’re having trouble coming up with enough for a substantial and valuable book offer or guide, you might also think about other kinds of free offers that are relevant to your potential clients and can reinforce your core message. Would a first aid kit, mobile app, checklist, or other offer be relevant and helpful? Don’t be afraid to get creative!

    Partner With a Marketing Team That Understands Free Offers and Book Writing for Attorneys

    If you’re having trouble coming up with a topic for your book, our book writing services team loves brainstorming ideas from scratch and talking through clients’ ideas. We can even partner with you to create a book that will be a great resource for your potential clients and make you look like the professional you are. You don’t have to have it all figured out before you come to us!

    Ready to see how a book can change the way you market your law firm but don’t want to do it all yourself? Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to get a book written for you and see all the marketing parts in motion for your success. With a Practice Expansion Campaign, you can get focused on your perfect clients in one practice area, get a book written that will attract their attention, and build a strategy that keeps that investment working for your law firm.

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