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As manager of a small business you have to keep a laser focus on your budget, and we get it! After all we are a small company, and we never make a move without deciding where our money is best spent.

Our FAQ section is filled with answers to the questions we get ask the most: questions about the cost of video production, how to get the most of every video you make, and more. If you scroll through and don’t find your question listed, be sure to call 888-886-0939. We would love to give you the answers you seek.


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  • Are video testimonials better than written testimonials?

    Client in Front of the Camera

    Yes, video testimonials are better than written testimonials. It has been shown, time and again, that video testimonials perform better on websites, converting at much higher rates than written testimonials. But why?

    Easy Isn't Always Best

    Text-format testimonials are much easier to gather and display, I'll give them that. However, this is exactly why they are often perceived as disingenuous. To a wary buyer, there is no proof that you didn't invent a testimonial and post it to your site. The problem is compounded when testimonials are anonymous or initialed. Without details, such as a photo, title or company, these testimonials can be seen as manufactured—even if they're legitimate.

    Video testimonials, on the other hand, are harder to fake, and thereby can appear more powerful. They add a feeling of authenticity that text and even audio reviews don't provide. Video clips of clients, customers, or patients show prospects that other people—people who may even look like or sound like them—are satisfied, perhaps even thrilled, by your level of service.      

    Addressing the Needs of All Learners

    Just as teachers need to find out how each of their students learns best, you need to figure out how your audience best absorbs information. We often stress the importance of knowing your perfect client, and testimonials are no exception. While video is often consumed better than text, it doesn't mean that every single person prefers video. You need to determine what your ideal customer or client likes, and then test the theory. Running tests on the effectiveness of video vs. text testimonials will give you a clear picture of what works—and what doesn't.

    If all of this seems a bit overwhelming, we can help. Our team can assist you with any and every part of the testimonial process. From shooting the videos to loading them and running tests, FWM has you covered. Call 888-886-0939 today to see how our team can help you make the most of your marketing dollar.

  • What can I do to take advantage of current events?

    There is so much your law firm can do to take advantage of current events that relate to one of your practice areas. If you're not taking advantage of breaking news, then you are missing out on a highly valuable SEO and conversion tool.

    What Makes an Effective Breaking News Campaign?

    Maybe you think you're already taking advantage of news events. After all, you often blog or write news articles about accidents or events in your area. This is a good start, and it can't hurt the success of your attorney web marketing plan. But it sure doesn't help a lot.

    To truly take advantage of breaking news—think big events that are getting national attention—our attorney SEO team suggests that you create all of the following content:

    • At least one high-quality video
    • Multiple blog posts spread out over a week
    • A landing page for news-related traffic
    • A recap of the event in the form of a news article
    • A press release
    • Effective news coverage and commentary through social media

    Timing Is Everything When Taking Advantage of Current Events

    As you can see, launching an effective breaking news campaign takes a lot of work. To make things more complicated, breaking news must be breaking. It should be a brand-spanking new, not a story you found online from last month. As soon as you see the news—we suggest signing up for Google alerts and checking in on the TMZ website—you must spring into action and put your standing breaking news plan into action immediately.

    This means that you need to not only have a plan of action, but that you need to be ready to shoot video, write a ton of quality content, and launch an effective social media campaign. Are you ready to strike when the iron is hot? Are you ready to strike before your competitors do? Are you ready to strike before some other attorney is being interviewed by Anderson Cooper?

    If not, or if you don't feel you have the time or skill to do the job right, consider calling our video services and SEO team at 888.886.0939. We can keep an eye on breaking news for you and, when a hot story pops up, spring into action to deliver the video and written content you need within 48 hours.

  • How can I get inexpensive, high-quality video?

    Now, more than ever, it is possible to get high-quality and inexpensive video services. This is because the popularity of web marketing videos has skyrocketed—and for good reason!

    Google and other search engines reward websites that effectively use video. They do so because they know that people respond to video. When people search, they are more likely to click on a link displayed with a video, so of course Google wants to give searchers what they want. Bud do they want you? Are you giving them what they want? Are you providing the videos they demand?

    If you don’t have web video on your website and on sites like YouTube and Vimeo—or if your videos aren’t properly optimized—you aren’t as searchable as you could be. So what’s holding you back? Cost? That does not have to be a factor in your decision to use video.

    Making Big Things Happen in Video With Small Budgets

    At Foster Web Marketing, we offer custom, affordable video packages. This means that you are able to choose the video services you want and the services that will do the most to advance your video marketing efforts. We can help as little or as much as you want, and we can advise you, free of charge, as to the best options for your situation. Our video services include:

    • Video script writing
    • Videographer services
    • Production services
    • On-location video shoots
    • Green screen studio shoots
    • In-office video studio set up

    Beyond Shooting Video

    After the shoot—whether we shoot your videos or you shoot them yourself in our green screen studio—we offer affordable post-production services. All post-production services are performed by our video and SEO teams. Because of this, you can be assured that your video is in good hands. After all, the focus of our SEO company is attorney and video marketing. We are obsessive about current SEO trends and video advancements and are not satisfied until the videos we produce and market are the best they can be.

    So, after your shoot is over, feel free to choose from any of the following post-production video services:

    • Editing
    • Coding
    • Video optimization
    • Video distribution
    • Video promotion

    To learn more about how affordable high-quality videos can be, please call 888-886-0939. Our team of attorney video marketing experts can help ensure that your videos are the effective SEO tool you need to take your firms’ marketing efforts to the next level. 

  • How do I choose good topics for my website videos?

    Sometimes you have the best intentions to shoot an awesome video for your site, but you hit a roadblock when you try to think of topics. What are people interested in, and why would they care what you have to say? The trick is to step outside and explore what's going on around you and what's of interest to your clients. Want to know how to do that? Here are some tips for choosing good video topics:

    • Check out the news. Current news stories are great bases for videos, especially when you can easily make a connection between the cases your firm handles and what is going on in the world today. Done properly, that connection will position you in your viewers' minds as an expert in your field.
    • Check your existing content. You have already put the time and effort into blogs and articles for your website, so why not utilize that same information for a video? Tweaking just a few sentences here and there can turn an existing piece of content into an easy video script that can be read straight into the camera.
    • Check with your staff. Few resources are as good as the people who work directly with your clients, day after day. Your paralegals, legal assistants, and other staff members are probably harboring a wealth of ideas for video topics and other marketing and communication campaigns.
    • Check with your clients. The people you serve are often overlooked as potential resources for video and content ideas. Since you are trying to go after people exactly like the clients you already help, who better to ask an opinion of than your existing clients? They will be able to give you insight on what they were looking for in a law firm and what they think would interest potential viewers. They can also tell you what they think would not work, which could end up saving you time and money in the long run.
    • Check out your competitors. We are not saying copy your competitors’ videos word for word. But, by browsing through what others are doing, you are bound to come up with ideas or angles on the same information.
    • Check out magazine headlines. Catchy magazine titles and stories can give you a wide range of ideas, as long as you are thinking far enough outside of the box to apply it to your own practice. For example, the headline, “Top Ten Must-Have Beauty Products to Use This Summer” can easily be transformed into, “Avoid Injury with These Top Ten Must-Have Safety Products to Use This Summer”.

    Need more ideas on how to come up with good website video content? Call Foster Web Marketing; we’d be happy to help guide you. You can reach us at 888-886-0939, by filling out our online form, or by live-chatting with one of our representatives. Call or click today!

  • Is it possible to have too many online videos on my attorney website?

    Is it really possible to have too many videos on your attorney website? Maybe. But a more honest answer is that it’s not really about the number of videos you create or feature on your website—it’s about how you choose to handle those videos and present them to your audience. 

    If you love making videos and love the positive impact they have on your attorney website traffic, then making a ton of videos isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There is really no hard limit to how many videos you can feature on your site. However, if you have more than a few, you’ll need to put in a little extra work to make sure that potential clients are watching your videos and that your video marketing investment is paying off. 

    Here are a few tips for handling the presentation of numerous lawyer videos:

    • Relevant, unique content. Make sure you’re not making the same video over and over—potential clients won’t watch your videos if you don’t have anything new to say.
    • Presentation really matters. Don’t overwhelm visitors with a bunch of embedded videos. Take the time to create, organize, and professionally present your videos. Add relevant videos to your written content, and consider creating a YouTube channel. 
    • Letting people know about your video library. Although some people may find your video library by searching, many people prefer to watch videos that are recommended through social media sites. Let potential clients know about your video by getting involved with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

    If you’re ready to start creating and promoting relevant lawyer videos that attract potential clients, the lawyer video marketing team at Foster Web Marketing is ready to help. Get started today by giving us a call at 1-888-886-0939 or filling out the convenient online contact form on this page to learn more!

  • I’d like to add a few more videos to my attorney website, but I’ve already done some introduction videos, given a tour of the office, and answered some questions on video. What other ideas do you have for great lawyer video marketing?

    The fun part of online videos for lawyers is that, within reasonable ethical and professional bounds, the sky’s the limit! You can get as creative or informative as you like, and you’ll hopefully keep your clients and potential clients coming back for more. If you’ve already created some basic videos and want to expand your online video library, here are some ideas:

    • Consider video testimonials. Sometimes potential clients get to know you best through the words of other people. A series of videos that feature satisfied clients talking about the professional service you were able to provide can be a big motivator for your website visitors. 
    • Try a series. Create a series of short videos that all address facets of a particular topic or that continue a popular discussion that started on your website or social media pages. 
    • Start a video blog. If you really love making videos for your law firm, consider starting a video blog. You can address current events that relate to your clients, talk about upcoming events, or just answer a weekly or monthly question! 

    Or, if you come up with some ideas of your own, we’d be happy to work with you to make those ideas a reality!

    To find out how creating a lawyer video for your website can benefit your law firm, please reach out to the friendly lawyer video marketing team with Foster Web Marketing today. You can reach us at 1-888-886-0939, or you can simply fill out the online contact form on this page to learn more about what we can do for you!

  • How can I use social media websites to promote my attorney video?

    Making a killer attorney video is only half of the battle – you also have promote that killer video so that potential clients actually see it, share it, and act on it. It’s a great start to post your lawyer video on your website, but you shouldn’t stop there. Sharing your video on various social media websites can help your video get views, receive comments, gain traction, and even go viral. Here’s where you can start:

    • YouTube. This is the most popular social media platform for videos, and you should share all of your videos on a law-firm-specific YouTube channel. Keep in mind that millions of internet surfers use YouTube as their primary video search engine.
    • Facebook. Post your video on Facebook and watch as all of your fans watch it, comment it, and “like” it. Half of Facebook’s users browse the site every single day, which means that a large number of people who follow you will see your video post.
    • Twitter. Tweet a link to your video along with a pithy blurb about why the video is important to watch or what questions the video will answer.

    Promoting your attorney videos doesn’t have to take huge amounts of time – it can simply consist of posting your work on a few social networking sites and making sure your online community has a chance to watch. If you’d like more tips and assistance from our online attorney video team, contact Foster Web Marketing today at 1-888-886-0939.

  • Should I include a video in my email campaigns?

    At Foster Web Marketing, you’ve probably noticed that we are very enthusiastic about utilizing video in your online attorney marketing campaigns—video is becoming increasingly popular among internet users, and short online videos are a proven way to get more converts and clients. But what about using video in email marketing campaigns?

    There are a number of pros and cons to using video in emails—and whether or not adding video to your emails is a good idea depends heavily on how you plan on incorporating your video. For example, embedding a video directly into your email is very different than including a link to a video in your email.

    Here’s the good news: marketing studies have found that emails that include video generate high click-through rates and better campaign performance. A video is great at grabbing a reader’s attention and a video may reach many users in a way that words and still images can’t.

    Here’s the bad news: it can be difficult to integrate video into your emails without getting them blocked by some email services. In addition, some users find email videos—especially videos with sound that autoplays—a nuisance.

    Want to learn more about whether adding a video to your attorney email campaign could help your law firm? Call Foster Web Marketing today to speak with a consultant at 888-886-0939.

  • Should I set my website videos to play automatically?

    When you upload a video to your website through your content management system, or when you add a video to your YouTube channel, you have the option to allow your video to play automatically – without the visitor pressing play. This feature, called autoplay, is a considered a dirty word to some and a marketing secret to others. 

    While some believe that autoplay is a great way to reach views that might otherwise miss what you have so say, others believe that starting a video without the permission of the visitor could be an annoyance. In the end, it is solely up to you when it comes to autoplaying your videos. Here are some questions that you can ask when considering the autoplay option for your lawyer videos: 

    • Do my potential clients know how to watch videos online, or would they need a feature like autoplay to encourage them? 
    • Are my potential clients surfing the Web from work or another venue that might not allow sound or video? 
    • Do I want to take an aggressive approach to my video marketing by autoplaying my videos? 
    • Do I think a significant number of visitors would navigate away from my page if a video started playing, or would they just press the stop button? 

    If you still aren’t sure what to think of the autoplay option for your videos, don’t fear. Call up one of our marketing consultants and speak with someone who can help you figure out what’s best for your wishes and your website. Contact us today at 888-886-0939. 

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