Let’s Get Technical! All of Your Most Pressing Website Management System Questions Answered

I can think of many subjects more interesting than website management software, but I can’t think of any more important! Proper management of your website can literally make or break your business. Because of this we created an in-depth cache of FAQs. Our goal is to educate you on even the most technical aspects of website maintenance. Dig through these answers, learn something new, and of course feel free to call us up or chat live on this page if you have any further questions.

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  • How should I follow up with a new website contact?

    How to follow up with website contacts

    A big part of the point of your website and marketing is to get potential new clients to contact you. But what do you do once the initial contact is made? You can’t let those valuable contacts fall through the cracks!

    Before you do anything, though, you should know that how you choose to follow up is a big factor in how well you can turn those contacts into clients and fans of your brand. If you aren’t ready to meet them—the right way—at this critical stage in their “customer journey,” then they’re likely to turn around and move on. 

    So, how should you follow up after someone contacts you through your website? Here are our seven best tips for getting it just right for your potential clients.    

    #1 Tip: Choose Marketing Software That Makes it Easy to Follow Up With Contacts

    Before we get into our other tips for following up with your contacts, we need to talk about your marketing software. Why? The very best tip we can give you is that the software you choose has a huge impact on how easily you’re able to collect information about your contacts and follow up with them. 

    For example, all our websites are built and maintained using DSS (Dynamic Self-Syndication), which gives our clients a lot of options. 

    With DSS, you create the contact forms that encourage people on your website to reach out, and you choose what kind of information is automatically collected from those forms. You are notified when people contact you, and you set up the follow-up emails that they receive when they do. You never lose the contact information that people share with you, and you can quickly tag and manage your contact list as it grows. It’s even easy to add dynamic call-tracking numbers! 

    You are still in control of the strategy and the message, but your website and DSS automate all the routine tasks and moving parts to give your follow-up strategy a pro-level polish.  

    Imagine trying to do all those tasks manually, before you even get the strategy, content, and messaging going! When your website and software are already built with follow-up strategies in mind, you save yourself a ton of time and frustration. 

    6 More Ways to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Follow-Up 

    Whether your website automates some of your follow-up tasks with contacts, or you do it manually, you still need to:

    1. Act fast. Some attorneys and doctors wait a week or more to follow up with potential clients after they’ve reached out, which gives contacts plenty of time to go elsewhere, get frustrated, or forget about you. In general, you should return contact within 24 hours of an email or phone call—and you should aim for immediately wherever you can! This is why automated follow-up sequences make such a difference in conversion. When people reach out to you, they immediately get a response and know that you got the message—even if you plan to also respond personally later.   
    2. Be specific. When you write your follow-up emails or direct-mail letters, don’t write a generic form letter or general “thank you” response. Instead, use that content to talk specifically about your contacts’ concerns. It shows them that you are listening and have thought about their issues during the time between contacts. Want to nail this? Check out Dave Frees’ tips for creating powerful follow-up content.  
    3. Send helpful information. The purpose of a follow-up strategy isn’t exactly to try to pitch the benefits of your law firm or medical practice over and over again. Instead, you want to give your potential clients something of value that creates a link between what they need and what you offer. When you send them helpful information that’s relevant to their problems, you show them that you have the knowledge and experience to help.
    4. Establish your credibility. The first few interactions your potential clients have with your law firm or medical practice are critical. This is the point where they come to a decision about whether they really want to work with you! Sending contacts your book and other helpful information goes a long way, but this is also a great time to build your credibility in their minds by including some testimonials, case stories, and reviews in your follow-up materials.  
    5. Tell them what to expect. Your follow-up campaigns work best when they tell people what to expect next. Is this the only contact they will receive? When should they expect to hear from you? What do they need to do? What happens next? This can also include information about how to take the next step toward becoming a client. For example, if they requested your book through your website, the next step might be to come in for a free consultation with you. 
    6. Include your contact information. A lot of the follow-up you do with potential clients happens off your website, where your name, phone number, and other contact information isn’t in view. As simple as it sounds, just remembering to include that kind of information in your follow-up content makes it much easier for contacts to take the next step or reach out with questions. Consistency matters here! The customizable email templates in DSS make it easy to make sure you include the right contact information, every time. 

    Getting new contacts to come to your website and reach out to you is tough, so you need to be sure that you’re ready to nurture them into leads and clients when they do take action. 

    Want to step up your follow-up game? Want to save time and energy while doing follow-up better? Request a DSS demo to see our powerful software in action, or give us a call at 888.886.0939. Just mention that you’re interested in what you can do with follow-up campaigns!

  • What Is DSS?

    Foster Web Marketing DSS Marketing Software

    If you’ve browsed our website, checked out our blog, or read through our social media posts, then you’ve probably heard us talk about something called “DSS.”  

    “DSS” stands for Dynamic Self-Syndication, and it is the powerful marketing software we created with attorneys, doctors, and similar professionals in mind. DSS gives you more control of your website and online marketing campaigns, and it’s focused on making your routine marketing tasks easy for you and your team to do—your way. 

    If you’re already a client of Foster Web Marketing, you already have access to DSS—just give us a call at 888.886.0939 if you’re looking for additional training or guidance. 

    If you’re not a client, though, let’s talk a little more about what DSS is and how you can use it to market your business more effectively. 

    Powerful Websites and Better Content Management for Attorneys and Doctors

    The core of DSS is an intuitive content management system (CMS) that gives you total control over your website. From the design phase to post-launch, websites built with DSS are backed with modern, search-engine-friendly technology that delivers a fast and seamless user experience for visitors. 

    With DSS, you don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to manage your website and maintain your content once it’s live. Instead, you and your team can easily: 

    • Create, update, and delete pages on your website
    • Add, edit, and schedule website content
    • Change your design and layout options
    • Access detailed analytics for each landing page
    • Add videos and book offers to your site and content
    • Maintain a built-in blog and email newsletter
    • Share your content to social media sites
    • Track leads and automatically follow up with contacts

    With DSS, the changes you make to your content and website pages are nearly instant—with no downtime. All those functions are accessible from the same place, with the same intuitive user interface. There’s no waiting around for someone to make simple changes for you—you and your team are in control. 

    Whether you have your own team or partner with marketing experts, you can create as many DSS accounts as you need. Everyone on your team can log into the system on their own to take care of necessary tasks. And, if you run into questions, our responsive IT and customer service teams are always ready to provide the training or troubleshooting you need to succeed.

    An Intuitive Marketing Toolbox to Build Your Success

    While the core of DSS is content management, we’ve developed DSS to be a holistic tool for your overall website and marketing management. Beyond the capabilities we discussed above, DSS is packed with powerful tools for:

    And DSS is always getting better! We are regularly updating and improving DSS so that it remains a cutting-edge tool for marketing your business. 

    We can tell you about the features and benefits of DSS all day, but we think it’s really best to see it for yourself. Interested in power-packed marketing software that puts you and your team in control? Reach out and request a DSS demo.

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