When it comes to a graphic on the top portion of my attorney website, which is better a picture of my office or my company logo?

Neither! One of the biggest mistakes we see when it comes to attorney Web design has to do with the top third of the main page of the site. Too many lawyers waste this valuable space by including pictures of their logo, the inside of their office or even worse...the law firm’s name in BIG, BOLD LETTERS.

Your attorney Web design needs to stand out from the rest. When people are searching for legal services online, they are clicking through a lot of websites. You don’t want to get lost in a sea of identical lawyer websites.

When your potential clients land on your website, you only have seconds to grab their attention. You need to shout an effective message that is going to encourage them to stay on your website and even contact your office. Instead of wasting the top third of your Web page with some useless picture of your conference room with its mahogany bookshelves, incorporate an interesting headline and informative Web video. Not many attorneys are doing that with their websites.

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