The DSS Social Media Tool: No More Excuses for Not Getting Social

Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t avoid the fact that social media has become a critical part of reaching out to potential clients and marketing your business online. At Foster Web Marketing, we firmly believe that the best social media presence starts in your practice, where your unique personality can really shine through. However, we also believe that you should put powerful tools in your hand that ensure you’re getting the most out of getting social.

One Convenient Tool to Manage Social Media for Law Firms, Medical Practices, and Other Professionals

We created the Social Media Management Tool in DSS to be a go-to solution for managing your social media presence, and it was developed with doctors, lawyers, and other professionals in mind. Are you wasting time and money manually posting to each of your social media outlets? The DSS social media tool streamlines the process of posting, managing, and tracking social content.