How to Set Up the Zapier Integration to Connect DSS With Your Keap Forms

DSS integrates with Zapier to automate workflows and allow you to add Keap forms on your website. Before you begin creating Zaps for your existing forms, you'll need to register for a Zapier account. In order to use tags, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan that includes the following features: multi-step Zaps, filters, and formatters. 

Once you've created your Zapier account, Open Keap, DSS, and Zapier.

Update Forms in DSS 

Any DSS forms that have “Infusionsoft” listed under source need to be updated. Navigate to the form section in DSS > Campaign & Emails > Search & Edit Forms.  

Example of DSS Forms with InfusionSoft as source

Select Apply CRM Form/Remove Infusion Form from the Override With Infusion Form dropdown.   


DSS apply CRM Form/Remove Infusion Form from the Override With Infusion Form dropdown


The form will revert to our default CRM form and you will be able to edit all form elements. Open the form in Keap as you edit the CRM form. Make sure all of the fields in your Keap form are also in the DSS CRM form. To learn more about offer forms, check out this article on how to create offer pages in DSS and edit all components.


CRM Form


Keap Form


Keap Form

Be sure to add form tags when applicable (refer to the “Tags in DSS” section below for more info). Once all the CRM form elements have been updated, click the save button in the top right corner.

Update Thank You Pages & Emails in DSS

Check if you are using the DSS thank you page by going to Content > Offers > Find the offer page > Click on the smiley icon under actions.

Access DSS Thank You Page and Emails

If you are already using the DSS Thank you page, there is no action to be taken.

If you are using a Keap thank you page, you will need to copy and paste the thank you page content from Keap to DSS. Thank you pages will need to be hosted in DSS now, not through Keap.

Scroll down to the Email Response Content section to see if there is any content. Thank you emails will need to be blank in DSS if the Keap thank you email will be triggered by using the tag feature. 

If you won’t be using the tag functionality to automate contact and/or offer thank you emails from Keap, the DSS thank you emails will need to be used instead. Since the thank you email settings are contingent on tag settings, they might be different for some of your forms.

Connect DSS and Keap in Zapier 

Log into your Zapier account and select Make a Zap from the menu on the left.


Zapier: Make a Zap


Since DSS is still a private App, you will need an invitation link to find it. Click here to open the invitation link in a new browser window, and click the “Accept Invite” button. The invite page should now redirect to the Zap editor page in Zapier. 


If DSS is not selected automatically as the trigger app, you can type it in the search field and select it.

Search for DSS in Zapier


Select New Lead as the trigger event and click Continue.

Zapier New Lead Event Trigger

Click Sign in to DSS App and a pop-up window requesting the Access Key and Secret Key will appear. Keep this window open while you go get the keys from DSS.  

Zapier Choose Account Screen


Now you will need to go to DSS to grab the Access Key and Secret Key. You can find your Access Key and Secret Key under Leads & Reports > Settings > DSS API Key.


Zapier DSS API Access Key in Keap


Copy the Access Key and Secret Key, go back to the Zapier pop-up window you opened earlier, paste them into their respective field and click Yes, Continue.


Allow Zapier to access DSS app account

Choose DSS App as your account, click Continue, and Test trigger.
Test Zapier, DSS trigger

Once you see the DSS test lead data, click Continue.

Zapier, DSS test lead data screen

Next, you will connect your Keap account. Use the search field to find Keap and choose it as your app event. Select Create or Update Contact as your Action Event and click Continue.

Connect Keap acount
Sign in to Keap to Allow Zapier access and click Continue.

Allow Zapier Access in Keap
Create or update contact in Keap


It's time for the mapping part! You will need to connect each Keap field to the appropriate DSS field. Make sure to map all the fields that need to be sent from DSS to Keap. 

Set up action in Keap

Keap Email 1 screenshot

Finish mapping all of the necessary fields and click Continue, and then Test & Continue

Keap test and continue screen


If all the fields are mapped correctly, you should receive a “Test was successful!” message, and can click the Turn on Zap button. 

Keap test success screen

Confirm that your Zap is “ON” in the top right corner and give it a name.

Confirm Zap in "On" in Keap
Name Your Zap screen

Go to your website and submit a test lead for each of your forms to confirm that Zapier passes the data over from DSS to Keap successfully. You can view the status for each Zap run under Zap History.


If you would like to apply tags to some or all of your forms to automatically trigger campaigns in Keap, you will need to complete the additional steps below

Tags in DSS

Go to Campaigns & Emails > Search & Edit Forms > Select the Form to add tags by clicking on the name or pencil icon under actions. 
DSS Select form to add tags screen


Scroll down to the Tags section and add a new tag by typing it in the Add Tag field. 

Add a new tag in DSS

Or select one that has already been created from the “Assign Tag” dropdown. 

DSS Assign a tag dropdown

Multiple tags can be added to each form. Repeat the same steps for any other forms that need tags assigned.  

Tags in Zapier

Go back to Zapier to edit the Zap that you created earlier and add an action step between DSS and Keap.

Edit Zap to Add Action Step Between DSS and Keap

Select Format as the App event and Utilities as the action event. 

Select events  

Zapier Choose app & event screen

Select Lookup Table for the Transform field. 

Zapier Lookup table

Under Values, select the DSS Tags field for the Lookup Key field.

Zapier lookup key field

To create the Lookup Table, you will need the DSS tags that you added to your forms earlier, and the designated Keap ID for each tag. 

Zapier Lookup Table

Once you have added all of your form tags to the lookup table, go to the mapping step under the Keap section (where you performed the mapping earlier), map the Keap Tags field to the Tags field under Utilities from the custom tab, click Continue, Skip Test, and turn the Zap back on.  

Map Keap tags field to tags field under utilities


To learn more about offers and the different components, check out this article on how to create offer pages in DSS. 

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