Last Updated: October 2018

Have you seen the new lead notification format? We updated the look and feel of the lead notification emails and want to make sure you understand how to leverage this new format in your current workflows.  
The new lead notification format makes it easier to classify, view, and respond to leads. Before we dive into this, however, let’s make sure the right people are getting these lead notification emails. 

Updating Emails That Receive Lead Notification

In DSS, click on “Leads & Reports” in the navigation and select “Settings.” You can also select “Settings” from the Leads & Reports dashboard. From there, you’ll select “Contact Emails.”

On the left sidebar, select “Settings” and then “Contact Emails.” 

Accessing the settings under Leads and Reports in DSS | Law Firm Marketing Automation | Medical Practice Marketing Automation
Here you can add email addresses separated by semi-colons (;) to create a list of who will be alerted when a lead submits a form, comments on a blog post, or provides feedback.

Accessing the contact emails in DSS. | Law Firm Marketing Automation | Medical Practice Marketing Automation
Ok, now let’s get back to the lead notification email! 

How to Use the Lead Notification Email Efficiently

Because many of you start corresponding with clients by responding directly to lead notification emails, we want to make sure your first contact with a potential client is as visually appealing as possible. 
To that end, we added the "Reply to Lead" button. This button will automatically open a new email response to your prospect, making the process easier than ever. 
In addition, lead notification emails will contain a “View Lead” button and a “Classify Lead” button, which will give you quick and easy access to view and classify your leads.

Clicking “View Lead” will take you to your Leads Dashboard, where you can see all of your leads from that date, and take action. 

If you want to cut right to the chase and classify that lead, select the “Classify Lead” button, and you’ll be taken right into that action. 

Lead notification email format | Law Firm Marketing Automation | Medical Practice Marketing Automation

This tool can help you track where your best leads are coming from, manage these leads during the sales process, and track the life cycle of all of your leads! 

This tool is a really awesome way to ensure you're getting a return on your marketing investment. 

Learn more about how to best use the lead classification feature.

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