Retain Your Leads With a Customer Relationship Management Database

What if you were able to attract 10,000 visitors to your website per month? What if out of that 10,000, you were getting about 200 contacts? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Your work would be done, and you would not need to do anything else. You could pat yourself on the back, proud that you approached your marketing the right way. Well, before you get too excited, make sure that you are not ignoring a very valuable component of your marketing, which is your client database.

Have you ever stopped to think about the biggest asset that your business possesses? It is not the furniture, electronics or other gadgets in your office. It is not even your office space, if you own it. The most valuable asset of your business is your client database. You need to be capturing the contact information of every prospect and client you have come into contact with. If someone visits your website and fills out your contact form, you need to capture and store his or her information. You need to view this database as gold. 

You can set up a system that will allow you to build, nurture and grow your database. All of this can and should be done automatically. By putting all of the right pieces in place on your website, such as a free offer, a contact form and trackable telephone number, you can start building up your database in no time.

By offering a free report, book or other item, you can quickly build your client list. In exchange for your offer, you would request their contact information. It is that simple! Plus, you should end every page on your website with a call-to-action, so that your potential clients feel compelled to start a conversation with you. As soon as they do, add them to your database and start your follow-up marketing!

DSS has the capability to not only help you capture the contacts that are coming in every month, but also store your database in an easy-to-access system. There really is no excuse to not build up your most valuable business asset!

If you have questions on how this would work, let us know! We would be more than happy to explain how to retain your clients and nurture your leads through your database.

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