Deadly Lawyer Marketing Mistake Making It All About You!

One of the biggest takeaways that you should know - It ain’t about you! Sorry, besides your family, no one cares about you. Not yet. Not until there’s a reason to. So you’ve got to think about it, if you’re searching on the internet, and you’re searching for a web developer and there’s a big picture of me and my office furniture, with a “Welcome To My Website” as my headline, and my logo is bigger than anything else - Are you interested in that? And that’s one of the biggest mistakes, why you’re not getting the right people. You’re making it all about you. So stop doing that.

Think about it. When you talk to people at a party, and if you’ve got somebody talking to you and they’re just talking about themselves, you’re going to be uncomfortable, looking around, right? You know when you’re at a party and somebody says “Hey, let me tell you about myself”, and you can’t get a word in edgewise? You’re like “good lord, get me out of here!” So, stop doing that on your website.

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