Good Ideas for Your Offline Marketing

Have you ever wondered what approaches work for offline marketing? As Tom, Gretchen, and Danielle of lawyer website design firm Foster Web Marketing explain in this video, there are several approaches you can take to your offline market that can all lead to new customer generation.

One of the most import offline marketing tools that you can implement is a newsletter. This approach is used by clients of Foster Web Marketing, like attorney Ben Glass, who use it as an integral part of their overall marketing plan.

Another offline marketing tool is to engage your local community. While an online presence can be vital to your success, being involved in your community can also be commercially rewarding. A few ideas include sponsoring little league, giving presentations to athletic groups, presenting to nursing homes, and working with schools.

Also, consider writing for your local free newspaper. Writing for such a periodical can help keep you and your firm fresh in the mind of your potential clients.

Finally, make sure to market to your perfect client. Think about what kind of activities your dream client is involved in. Be intentional and market directly to them, including online and offline.  

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