How Panguin Tools Can Help Your Firm or Practice

Have you noticed a drop in rankings or website traffic is down and thought that maybe Panda or Penguin could be the reason? You are not alone. Many website owners fear that they’ve been hit by one of Google’s algorithm changes  - or one of their updates that are rolled out on a regular basis.

The SEO Team here at Foster Web Marketing wanted to tell you about a tool we use to help analyze a website’s history and current health. The name kind of says it all – It’s called Panguin. Yes, you heard that right  - it’s a combination of Panda and Penguin – clever, right? And the tool itself is pretty smart, too.

Developed by Barracuda Digital, Panguin pulls in your organic traffic numbers from Google Analytics along with the specific dates that algorithm updates were rolled out (using data from This gives you a visual timeline and allows you to easily view if and when your website may have been affected.

You can take a deeper look, too. Panguin also shows you details on fluctuations in landing page visits and keyword data.
So, in the event that your website has been negatively impacted by one of these algorithm updates, being able to determine when it happened and which update was the cause will save you time  - and a lot of headaches. Panguin can help to give you a head start on your recovery efforts.


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