It seems like Google is constantly giving their search algorithm an update—and for good reason. Too many people have tried to trick search engines into ranking an irrelevant or unhelpful website high up in search results.

Now, Google has released a completely new search algorithm called Hummingbird to help put a stop to black-hat search engine optimization tactics.

Even if you’ve never used black-hat SEO tactics, you may still worry about the impact this new update can have on your website. After all, a drop in search engine rankings could be costly for your law firm.

Fortunately, lawyers who use content to improve their search engine rankings have little to worry about.

The Hummingbird algorithm is based on searches that focus on the intent of what people are searching for instead of the specific keywords they use. For lawyers, this means focusing on providing valuable content that answers the needs of people searching for your services. Doing this will help your law firm continue to rank high in search results.

You may have already noticed that keywords have been hidden from Google analytics. The data that once showed website owners how people arrived at their website is now private, so you cannot focus your search engine marketing on keywords alone.

Now, the key to being successful with the new Hummingbird algorithm is a laser focus on delivering valuable content.

The more focused you are on how valuable your website is, rather than how many relevant keywords it has, the better off you will be. If you regularly create good content that your visitors find valuable, it is likely that you will not see a negative impact from the new Hummingbird algorithm.

Good content gets shared and consumed throughout the Internet. When your content is linked to from other websites, shared on social media outlets, and provides value to the end reader, Google will notice and reward your website with a high search engine ranking.

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