Is Your Firm Making One of the Top Three Local SEO Mistakes?

Are you using a local SEO strategy for your law firm? Local SEO helps put your law firm in front of people in your area. When done right, this strategy can help your practice explode with new, highly qualified clients.

One of the main factors in local SEO is getting your website listed on platforms, such as Yelp or Google Local. However, in order to be effective, this must be done in the right way. There are three common mistakes that many lawyers don’t realize they make when it comes to listing their law firm on these platforms.

The first mistake is using an inconsistent law firm name on each listing site. There are a number of ways to refer to your law firm, but it is crucial that you pick just one and use it consistently throughout your website and in all of your listings.

The second common mistake is failing to complete online profiles. When your profile is missing key pieces of data such as your address, phone number, or any other important information, it makes it harder for search engines to display your law office as one of those available in the area. Incorrect information is the same as having an incomplete profile. If you have the incorrect address in your profile because it wasn’t changed after a move, you could confuse Google, which can limit your exposure in search results.

A complete profile will contain current contact information, as well as a description of your law firm, a photo, and links to YouTube videos.

The third common mistake is creating profiles for satellite offices. Many law firms do this to try to look relevant in multiple cities, but it may have the opposite effect. By creating listings for satellite offices, you water down your local SEO strategy. This could actually cause your law firm to get lost in the search results, because Google is confused.

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