Webinar: Breaking News Success Secrets

Want to Learn What Others Did in 2013 That Can Revolutionize Your Business?

You are an instrument of change. When people have their lives torn apart your expertise can save them, but do you know how to reach them when you are needed most?

The trick lies in reacting as quickly as humanly possible when breaking news hits. Whether it's a natural disaster, high profile divorce or pharmaceutical recall, the quicker you get in front of the news, the easier you will be found.

Want to learn how to make the most of breaking news when it hits? Then this webinar is for you! Hear testimonies from attorneys David M Frees III and Brian Beckcom who have leveraged breaking news stories into high profile clients!

You can also follow along with the slides.

Join next month's webinar by visiting FWMwebinar.com and filling out the registration form!

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